This Is Getting Old!

For the second time in less than a week, I must say goodbye to a friend.

Bob Dornhecker passed away suddenly Friday night. Bob was a husband, a parent, a respected member of the community, and a genuinely good man. And oh yes, one other thing: a Type 1 diabetic who lived a full, rich life and had a 75 year Joslin medal to prove it.

I met Bob through my wife, who volunteers several days a week at the local retirement village. (I wrote a blog about at the time. You can read it here.)

After we became acquainted, I visited him as often as I could and we had many engaging conversations -- not just about diabetes, but anything and everything. He was easily one of the most interesting and thoroughly grounded people I have met, with an insatiable curiosity.

Bob was a gentleman and a gentle soul. Some people turn inward as they grow older; Bob did the opposite. Almost his first words to me were, “tell me about yourself.”

Bob was diagnosed during the “dark ages” when insulin was new. He set an example not only by the length but also the quality of his life.

Rest in peace, my friend. I was lucky to know you.

Hi David, this is sad news indeed--I enjoyed your blog. This winter seems to be full of sad, tragic news; I have also said goodbye to two friends. My husband had a Chinese student who got together with his former professors and their families for a Chinese brunch each Christmas, beginning a decade ago. We saw him in December; he died shoveling snow in January. The end of a lovely tradition as well as the loss of a good friend.

I am trying not to get too depressed, so I'm channeling my mother. When she was afraid my father was losing interest in life, she began a campaign of always looking for the next occasion, the next happy event to plan for. I'm planning for spring! I hope I'm not too far off topic. Condolences on your loss.

dear david i'm so sorry about bob's passing
i also have a 75 year medal

Thanks to you both. Yes, it's essential to focus on the good things. Hard to remember that sometimes when you're mired in the swamp, but it's vital to do. Yes, this has been an exceptionally rough winter. Peace.

soo sorry about bob's passing
so far this year hasn't been a good one. but lets hope it gets better as spring approaches