Saying goodbye

My dad passed away from lung cancer on Friday morning, not long after his 70th birthday. He had quit smoking about 30 years earlier, so the cancer's cause is somewhat mysterious.

He was born and grew up under very difficult circumstances. The type of guy to always pull for the underdog, and believed in try to do the best with the hand you're dealt.

I think my D made us closer in some ways. When I was a kid, he was very involved, and took it upon himself to keep track of my testing, shots, etc. Neither of us were ever good at talking on the phone. So, as an adult, diabetes gave us a subject we could discuss, other than sports.

Despite never making much over minimum wage his entire life, he donated to the JDRF every year. I never had the heart to tell him it was a scam. When I described how I finally figured out how to control my D effectively, it brought him a great deal of comfort, although he was dying, himself.

I'm sad to hear that Sam. He sounds like a Wonderful and caring Man.
It's great that you were able to share times together and it was more
than about the Diabetes. He loved YOU!

I'm the same with some Guys. Over the phone, not much talking going
on but if we're in the same room, much more comfortable and plenty of
talk. I'm glad that he could know that you were doing better with the
Diabetes before he passed. I'm sure he was/is proud of you for that
and much more. My deepest sympathies to you and your Family.

So sorry to hear that you lost your father, Sam. I know that your heart is so broken by his passing. It is so hard to see a loved one dying. I just went through this tragic situation in April of this year, when my father died of complication's of Alzheimer's disease. What I learned from this experience was how very supportive that others can be when you are griiving. My family received so much from so many. I learned to be amazwd at how wonderful others could be, that we as a family did not have to be strong and isolated and NOT ask for help: almost everyone was there with open , loving arms. We will be like that for you on Tudabetes as well. Just let others know what you need, lean together as a family; and many times you willot even HAVE to ask.
Do not try to rush the grieving process, my dear. I was relieved that my Daddy was no longer suffereng and was gone on to be With God; but I missed him so. I Still miss him, but memories of his goodness and his essence as a wonderful Father to me sustained me and comforted me in my grief. Sam,you have listed such wondereful memories of your own father, who was alssaya so kind and concerned about you. I dwelled on the the fond remembrances of my father, intially, with a sense of disappointment that they were to be no more. However,I found ,and so will you,that those instances of heartache and missing him so badly, change from a thunderstorm of sadness to a light warm breeze of calm and sweet peace. I could "feel" the peace; spiritually, enotionally, and physically. As the months passed, I felt my broken heart slowly mending.
I express my deepest condolances to you and your famil, Sam.
God Bless you, my friend.


I am so sorry for your loss. You will miss your Dad always I am sure. Maureen

Very sorry for your loss Sam. Your dad loved you very much.

Im so sorry for your loss Sam. My thoughts and prayers reaches out to you and your family. Your father seems to be a kind-hearted selfless man...It is apparent that he is well loved and will be truly missed.

I'm so sorry for ur loss Sam. My dad died with the same cancer but he smoked til the day he died. {{{HUGS}}}

i am glad you have good memories with your dad, i lost my dad 5 years ago and it gets better over time. mostly now when i think of him there is some nostalgia feeling but not sadness only happiness for the wonderful kind man he was and the time we shared. maybe off topic but i just read krishna das's biography ( he is an american born indian kirtan singer, awesome) but anyways he keeps commenting in his book about how his guru and other people from India that passed away left their body. i like this there bodies wore out, and they had no more use for worldly suffering and passed to another higher level. they are still with us we just cant see them but a small part of his spirit still resides in you. wishing you peace. amy

My condolences. Grief is the most difficult emotion. Everything is different when a loved one is no longer with us & our world changes. Feels like a hole of sadness & longing. I hope your heart heals soon.

Very sad indeed. My condolences to you and your family.

Sam, I’m sorry to hear about your dad. Dads are so special. I’m glad he was able to see that you gained control of your D.

Thank you to everyone for such kind words. I joined this site hoping to learn about the mechanics of diabetes. I never expected to find a group of people that I can so genuinely relate to. This has been a very hard week of a hard year, but I believe I've come out of it stronger.