Again a sad ending

It has been a little over 2 years since my last blog. I feel compelled to write again to tell the sad tale of another friend and former neighbor who succumbed to diabetic complications. John passed away last night ( Christmas Eve)after suffering quite a few years with Diabetes. He was in denial for the entire time after his diagnosis about 8 years ago. He would brag that he could eat anything he wanted according to his doctor. His BG was OK at 200. My husband, a non-diabetic, would suggest foods John could eat instead of his unhealthy choices. My husband would tell John that if he ever wanted to ask me anything I would be happy to assist him and his wife in making these better choices. They never asked me anything. His unchecked Diabetes led to triple by-pass surgery, then amputation of a toe, still denial continued. Last year he developed a wound on one of his feet. A nurse came to treat it several times a week. He was in and out of the hospital during this time. As a result of the wound his leg was amputated. He still demanded to eat whatever he wanted and apparently got it. He would call his wife in the middle of the night, from the hospital, to tell her what he wanted to eat the next day. She would tell us that he was impossible to deal with. He did come home briefly last summer, only to return to the hospital and lose his other leg. We moved from the neighborhood in August and didn't follow his situation too closely since then. I know he went back into the hospital in early Fall, needing dialysis. He never came home again and passed away last night. What a sad and unnecessary ending for a nice man. His denial cost him his life. He leaves a wife, 2 children and several grandchildren to grieve for him.
I hope this is the last blog I write for people I know who pass from Diabetic complications.

Oh no. I am so very sorry for you and your friend's loved ones. Sadly, I think the suicidal wish to deny the impact of the D on every cell in our bodies is not uncommon. And there are far too many docs like your friend's who put out there the heresy that one can eat whatever one wants.....

Blessings, Dearheart. Honor your grief and the work you did to try to help him...Judith in Portland

He probably had diabetes a lot longer than just eight years too and didn't know from a doctor's report before then. I guess after losing all that and being in all that pain at least he is at rest now. RIP, sorry Cat, for the loss of your friend.