This is odd

Here is a funny one. As you can see in my picture, I wear glasses. I have read a few articles concerning the effects diabetes can have on your eyesight. I started having a hard time seeing. I got headaches. Things were fuzzy. I figured that I needed to get right to a doctor. Well the other day at work I had my glasses off because I am near-sighted anyway, and I was working on the computer. I got to looking around and all the things I used to need glasses to see were remarkably clear. Amazing!

Hi Tim,

There have been a few discussions about this on the forums…take a look at these threads:

Sorry to say it’s temporary. Just your eyes adjusting to a new reality. I had the same “problem” shortly after my diagnosis. Talk to your doctor.

Bummer. I was hoping it was all better. i was hoping I traded Pepsi for new eyes…

I had the same experience & was excited that I didn’t need reading glasses, though my far distance vision got worse. Was just the after-effects of high BG. Took several weeks, but my vision went back to where it was.

Yes, it is remarkable that it was as simple as that to happen in your life. There is one thing I learned years ago from a naturepath about the blood vessels in the eyes of diabetics from narrowing down (I know this isn’t a problem for you} but the naturepath said to take a 1/8th teaspoon of cinnamin in a small glass of milk each day and it would help keeping the vessels open. I have been adding this to my routine for a while. I dont want to take any chances since I only have one good eye left.