This is the second week of Januvia ---- one question

I have exercised, counted carbs and still my bg’s are in the high 100’s and low 200’s…how long does it take Januvia of start working in your system? I know some of my meds have to build up, and am wondering if anyone has found that Jan is the same way, takes time to build up to a theraputic level?

Cathy, It has taken 4 to 6 weeks for me to have the full effects of some pills I have taken. My endo and I have decided 2 months for new meds before we decide on something else. I just started taking Victoza and am concerned about the immediate side effects (which he assures me will lessen in time) but I just don’t know. I don’t like walking around in a fog a feeling nauseated daily.

Samantha, I know that feeling well. I have other meds that have left me in the same fog, that I have had to give up on simply because my children were then little and in car seats. I was afraid to drive with them in the car, and to be on the road in that fog. It is good to know that some do take that long, yet with my numbers lately, it’s not reassuring to know that 4 - 6 weeks of higher numbers (sure going down slowly) could be harming my body. So I am being extra diligent in my exercise, eating and meds. Ain’t life just grand! Thanks for the support.