Making Everyone Feel Welcome


TuDiabetes is a place were we we want everyone to feel welcomed. It was for a long time part of our culture, we welcomed people to let them know that no diabetic should ever feel alone.

The practice of welcoming new members was started in the early days of TuD, we stopped the practice when we migrated to to Discourse because there was no place in Discourse to find a list of new members that could be seen by community members. Technical challenges put an end to the practice.

It has taken a while for us to overcome these technical challenges. It requires a little extra work on Admins part but we have found a way.

Each week we plan to pin a list of new members to the top of the main page. It is our hope that community members will join us in Welcoming our newest members.

This week's new members. Please help us Welcome them
This weeks new members. Please help us Welcome them


Thanks for putting this together, Gary!

I didn’t at first understand to link through - although you clearly explain to! I was thinking this topic would pop to the top each time you added a list of new members, but I think pinning it keeps it there rather than bumping it every time a post is made.

I sent my welcomes this morning. Easy peasy!!


One of the things that impressed me most about this site when I first found it was the accepting responses that everyone gave to a newbie! I so like the encouraging welcome to community. Thank you. A small point: would you consider changing the heading of this post from “Making them feel welcome” to " Making everyone feel welcome"? The word “them” feels rather alienating and other, if you know what I mean!


Welcome to all our new members!!! let me introuduce myself I’m Doris D a long time member here I have always called this my family…now its yours too n ice to have all new members here


And nice to see you, @Doris_D!!


Yes it is


Yes I would consider it, actually I already have. Thanks @Wendy19


lol i’m around mostly on chat now


gary u know I hang out in chat now lol


HI Gary

Thanks for changing the title!! I have only seen your emails today - so
apologies for my late response to you. Huge kudos to the lovely people at
TuDiabetes for all the time and kindness you give out. I have learnt a lot
from reading about other people’s experiences and challenges and value
being part of such a caring community!


Hi everyone!
I have been on this web site for around six months. Wrote things hear and there but never introduce myself. I go by happy Hal short for Hallie. I have had type one diabetes for 31 years.


Hey there Doris. I always love encountering you, old friend. I have tried several times to plug into chat—largely so I can say hi to you and other Golden Oldies. But I can’t keep up. By the time I read an entry and type in a response, the conversation has moved on far, far away…LOL…Blessings of the universe to you and yours!


Hi everyone, I am newbie here.


Hi, @anniealex! Welcome!!


Hello. I am new to this site. I am excited to meet other Type 1 Diabetics and to share in the concerns and challenges of managing Diabetes. I use a Medtronic’s closed loop 670G insulin pump. I have used a pump for just over 5 years. I have been diabetic for over 27 years. I am the only person in my family with diabetes. I stay active and eat a low carb diet in attempts to manage diabetes. I hope to learn from other members with diabetes on how best to manage this disease.


Welcome, Jerry. You’ve come to a great place for support. Just dive in anywhere you find of interest!..Judith in Portland


Hi - It has been ages since I have been on this site. Sorry!

I need a refresher on the terminology. Can someone please tell me what LADA stands for?


Hi there @luv2cNewThings

LADA stands for Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults.


Thank you for letting me know.