Those looking to upgrade to Animas Vibe

I just got off the phone with customer service at Animas.

Here is the deal.
1. If you are an Animas customer and you are already on Dexcom, you are a priority customer and you will get your upgraded pump first over every one else. I do not know why, because it seems if you bought a Ping with the promise of the CGM, you are a priority customer too. And you do not have CGM necessarily...
2. They only make about 100 pumps a week and there are a large number of customers waiting for the upgrade.
3. They are in their next wave of pump shipments.

If I did not like my Animas pumps over the years, I would just give up on them. But I have had the best control because of the smaller basal/bolus increments. My last Ping lasted well over 5 years and my current Ping lasted a good solid 3.5 years and the internal clock died so that I had to reset the pump date every time. I also love the color screen. And I really want the integrated Dexcom CGM capability.

When my warranty is up in June, though, I am going to consider some other options.

Thanks for the info Susan.
Appreciate the improved perspective it provides.