Thought I'd come back

Hey everyone!
So the first reason why I joined this site years back was to communicate regularly with other diabetics and get some help and support through some things.

I never really stuck it out though, not sure why.
Anyways, I'm back and hoping this time I'll stay back.

Guess I'll give everyone some background knowledge?

- Diagnosed Type 2 in 2004, was about 5kg overweight, lost all that weight, done what I was supposed to do and got worse. Ended up on tablets, then tablets and insulin.
- End of 2007 rushed to hospital with my first case of almost having ketones. Then diagnosed type 1. Weird hey? Been on so many different insulins since. My major problem is afternoon tea time(biggest meal-forgetting insulin)
- Since 2007 I've been in hospital a few times, only twice(both in the last 7 months) being an actual DKA case. Last time was about a month and a half ago, ended up in ICU for a week.. Probably the scariest time of my life. Blood sugar came under perfect control.
- HBA1C never been below 8. Highest I've been was a few months ago at 12.2, slowly coming down.

So I'm now on novorapid at breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinne and a high dose of lantus aaround 10.30pm

I suppose the reason why I joined back was since my last DKA episode, I've kinda felt more alone than ever. I think I really need some support and friendship from other diabetics who know what I'm going through. I've kinda just given up and am sick of the hassle and what comes with being diabetic. I need a real big kick in the backside. At least I know what I'm doing is wrong.. :/

Anyways, enough about me rambling on - if anyone ever needs anyone to talk to, just send me a message, i'd be more than happy to help you out.
I hope everyones well xo

Hey, atleast you've realized what you are doing is wrong. That's the first step :)
Just don't give up!
Best wishes :)

I'm glad you came back. I think many of us feel alone, overwhelmed and depressed over our diabetes. And sometimes, it just drags us down. I really liked the book "Diabetes Burnout" by William Polonsky, it has been really helpful in getting my mind in order.

The whole point of this forum is so that we can help each other and not deal with our diabetes alone.

Welcome back. It's fine to ramble and complaain here. We all do it, but here at least you can get some valuable feedback!

How do you get to a point where you have such severe DKA? When your glucose is high, do you regularly check for ketones? I know I do. If they ever get above the lightest color, I get agressive about getting it down using insulin, exercise, water--whatever I can do and be safe (not go too low.)

Also, you might want to talk to your doctor about the Lantus. For many, it works much better when split into two doses (morning and night) instead of one large at night. That might help your afternoon problems!

Good luck!

Hi! :)
Well my first case of DKA was due to food poisoning which led me to being very ill. I hadn't been taught how to deal with insulin on sick days so I wasn't sure about what to do. I was checking for ketones every hour like my doctor requested, but I was too sick to do much.
Now i know at least how to deal with sick days.
The last time it happened was actually because of an infected paper cut. Was on antibiotics for about a week and my blood sugar had gone through the roof and no one could work out why. Mum was making sure I was taking all of my insulin and doing everything correctly, still couldn't get my sugars down. Came home from work really sick, all DKA symptoms, and mum took me into hospital after a quick chat with our endo. All that week being in ICU I was actually accused of not taking my insulin and no one believe me or my mother when we both said that I had been taking it all week. Wasn't until my second last day in there that the doctors finally asked if i had been on any antibiotics and put it down to the antibiotics not letting my insulin get through properly. Once again, at the time that was something mum and I werent aware of.

Welcome back!

Mostly, all I can say is a repeat of what bsc said. We all have our moments when battling this disease 24/7 - just when you start thinking you have things figured out ... BAM!

So hope you are getting your ratios together, like the insulin to carb ratio, insulin sensitivity factor, etc, etc.