Thoughts on diabetes device design

Am I the only one who's tired of Dark Blue, Grey and Black diabetes products? I'm ready to live in a full color 3D world, and I really like my camo blood glucose meter test case.

What do you think? Is there room for other colors?

How about new ideas that make living with diabetes easier, or fun?

Have you any of these? Read my blog post about design and then head over the DiabetesMine and learn about the 2011 DiabetesMine™ Design Challenge.

Maybe you’ll develop a product that makes life better for all of us!

Did I mention that I’m one of the judges for this challenge? I hope to see an entry from you in there!

OMGosh this is so exciting! Thanks for the heads up, I cannot wait to enter … lol … I love, love, love color so lets bring it on :smiley:

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What’s the deal on products that have been submitted to be patented? I have no doubt that my device will win first place but its at the stage where the lawyers are submitting the patent…

Try the kid covers on pumps…

@jupton, Thanks, I know about the kids covers for pumps, but how about kids covers for CGMs, or meters?

@KrispyKris, You should contact Amy Tenderich directly and ask that question.