Ultra Mini Case Colors

Saw the pink colored case at the Lifescan booth at the NYC ADA Expo. They are promotional samples, left at doctors' offices -- primarily doctors with large pediatric practices. So: if your child uses an UltraMini, ask his/her doctor about it!

Nice case, darn I am too old for it

You can both try asking your doctors anyway. The worst they can say is that they don’t have it available. It’s not limited to kids, but apparently the reps are supposed to be targeting doctors who see lots of kids

lol:) I will let the children enjoy them:) thanks for the info

To me the case that comes with the meters are never big enough for everything I need/want to carry for diabetic supplies. I am always more then prepared for a high or a low.

what do you carry in the case besides the monitor, strips and jabber?

glucose gel, glucose tablets and glucagon kit. I have had to many lows in one day not to be prepared and usually when I am out, I am out all day long. plus spare insulin, syringes and infusion set.