Three Cheers for Rickina

I just got my diabetes bag from Stick Me Designs. Rickina must have put it in the mail 2 minutes after I ordered it. It’s beautiful!

I put everything I could think of into it, even my needle clipper and it zipped right up. I love it!

Rickina posted here asking about what we’d like for features, and she really listened. The thing comes with all kinds of loops that hold stuff, zip pouches and even a little handle so you can stick your keys, license, and money in it and use it like a purse too.

Very, very cool. Great Christmas gift, too.

It IS beautiful!

Rickina has stepped up!


I want one … BAD! LOL But, I’ve gotta wait until it’s in the finances!! For now, meds, supplies, food, transportation, a roof over the head and such all come first! ;0)

I too ordered one from her, the Pink Pop. I love it! Very feminine. I used it the other day to run to the store. Had room from some money and credit card. It is just so convenient. Has room for my meter and my needles for the day. She was so fast on the delivery, and the price was reasonable too. I am 100 percent satisfied!!! Rickina is truly talented!

Hello! Rickina, My congrats to you on your meter bags. I got one for my birthday last week. It so AMAZING BEATS MY OLD BORING PLAIN ONE. look forward to taking it to wdw next.week. Take care and i am spreading the word about your cases to fellow diabetics, God bless you and yours and Happy holidays. Melissa aka.