Neat Diabetes Accessories etc

Well, Ive had diabetes for 21yrs now. I’ve been through several pumps and numerous pump supplies etc etc. and well, there are never any cute or creative supplies!! Just the same ol boring stuff we always see. No cool bags or meter cases and what not… and if there are any, they are ridiculously expensive. Sooo, I’m thinking about taking my creative skills (look at some of my arywork I posted on Diabetic Artists group ) and starting my own business of making some rly creative and useful diabetes accesories… however, I want to know what ya’ll think?! Yes, I typed Ya’ll lol. Would anyone even buy this kinda stuff, or am I the only diabetic out here bored of the same ol same ol accessories?!

Kayla, I think you are very very talented, and would have a market for your designs.

Hi, I’m new here so am just getting the hang of using this site as a helpful resource… but you are DEFINITELY NOT the only diabetic bored to death of the same designs! I used to have a Deltec Cozmo (pump) and loved the fact that they came in a whole rainbow of assorted colors! I wish other companies were as forward thinking when it comes to designing this stuff!