Looking for the ultimate diabetic carry case.....any suggestions?

I’ve been searching for the ultimate diabetic carry case for the past few months. I’m Type two and I am tired of searching for all my gear at the bottom of my purse. I’ve used pencil cases, cosmetic cases and plastic ziploc bags in the past. Is there anything out there that is stylish and functional? Does anyone have any other suggestions for an “ultimate carry case”?

do a search of courage bag on google

Honestly? I carry all my supplies in a Coach wristlet. I love it for that purpose. Fits in my purse or I can stick my credit card and driver’s license in it and carry nothing else. It’s a slightly larger than wallet sized (called a capacity) wristlet. I can fit a bottle of insulin, my freestyle flash meter, a bottle of strips, my smallest lancet device, 2 syringes, an infusion set change (and all requisite pump accessories), a triple A battery for my pump, and a travel sized glucose tabs in there.

I’ve also found cute accessory bags at Bath & Body Works (seasonal type travel size carriers) that work well. And of course, there’s always our TuDiabetes-endorsed Stick Me Designs where members here get a discount of $5 off their little accessory bags.

I use a modella weekender…about $9 at wally world. Hold pens, needles, couple of syringes, lancets, alchohol swabs, vail(s) of insulin, a couple of extra infusion sites and resevoirs, calculator, scissors, BG monoito, extra IV 300, tape, gel pack if needed. a small sharps transport/disposal container, quickserter, extra bateries…probsomeother stuff I forgot

Definitely check out Stick Me designs. http://www.stickmedesigns.com/shop/index.php

Rickina is a really great lady with wonderful fashion sense. I took her bag with me when I went to the hospital for my surgery and was told not to bring a purse. I fit in everything–meter, strips, syringes, big bulky Apidra pen–and had room for a few wallety things.

Her stuff is nicely made and the fabric is very cheery.

Jenny. just tried the web site you listed. got a not valid flash on my computer screen.

;What is a Coack wristlet? I am thinking about a little insulated case for about $20 the site is

It looks good, but I’m holding off until I know for certain it will serve well and no better alternative.

This may look bad for me answering this question but the “Coach” wristlet is basically a very small purse / wallet the is made by the company Coach who are best known for making high-end designer (and very expensive) purses. Not something you would normally see a guy carrying.

Being a guy and a type 1, my view of the ultimate bag for my supplies may vary from yours Kathie but I got a messenger bag from http://www.timbuk2.com. I absolutely love it and holds everything I need. can get a little pricey because they are designer bags but when you are carrying around your life support system, the extra money is worth it.

I also suggest checking out fellow member Rickina at stickmedesigns.com. Great products, great prices and you are supporting one of our own. Good luck on your search.

Chris… doesn’t make you look bad at all… We ladies love a man who knows his bags !!! :slight_smile:

I was born and raised in the SF bay area and got typecast as a metrosexual because of my knowledge of style so name brands are commonplace for me. Now living in the midwest with a wife and kids, the metrosexual tag has disappeared but not the knowledge or appreciation for quality.

Well… I live in Nashville, TN and I appreciate your knowledge… I’m sure your wife appreciates it too… My DH hates to shop – we kid around with him about going to the mall… First, it is a very rare event if he does go …then “us girls” feel like we are on a timed excursion !!! LOL !!!

Have a wonderful day !!!

My daughter uses a fanny pack made by Swiss (victorinox). We got it in the mall at a luggage store. It is meant to carry your money in under your clothes . It is beige and we love it.

I have been eyeing the Gear Pouch and the iPod Traveling Cases at www.sfbags.com. Their stuff is durable and gender neutral.

Not sure why the url isn’t working as typed.

Google “Stick me designs” and you’ll get to the site.

If you want something really cool and custom, go to etsy.com and search for “clutch,” “wallet,” “pouch” or whatever – there are tons of amazing artists selling handmade items like that, and many of them are happy to work with you to design something to your exact specifications. Just look around til you find something similar to what you’d like, then read the artist profile – often they will mention whether they’re open to doing custom work (or if not, you can always ask them). It’s so great to be able to choose your own fabric, zippers, pockets, elastic, size, etc. – exactly how YOU want it. And most of the work is very affordable. Good luck and let us know what you find!


I used one for about 4 years before mine finally fell apart. I am going to get a new one as soon as I have the money.