Tick bite now positive for exposure to Erlichia

I pulled off a tick in September, I was treated with two doses of doxy and now my test 6-8 weeks later shows exposure to erlichia. They put me on the full course of doxy now. Has anyone had this and what did you do?

I have no idea when I had it or for how long, will they be able to tell if this has been damaging me? I have had tons of lyme like symptoms which is a similar bacteria. I will be seeing an infectious disease specialist.

I also have a double ear infection, sinus infection and bronchitis and I have been having severe reflux and sore throats since June with infected nasal drip discharge which my ent didn’t treat properly. I am on zpack for this since that is the only one I can tolerate. I am on acid treating drugs, but I’m worried about taking the doxy because the small dose gave me another severe sore throat and reflux episode.

I am sorry that you are feeling bad, tick borne diseases are the worst. I’m afraid that I cannot answer your question, I can only wish you a speedy recovery.

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My mother got lime disease from a tick. I didn’t even know there was anything else they could give you. I also feel bad that you are going through this. I am sorry.

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I can’t provide any help, but just wanted to wish you the best and hope you feel better soon. I’m sorry you’re going through these health issues.


I’m sorry to hear this, @meee. I’ll keep good thoughts and prayers going your way. And, along with @Stemwinder_Gary, @J1112, and @Jen I wish you a speedy recovery and that you’ll feel better real soon.

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Thanks Gary, hopefully the doc will have some answers.

Thanks, sorry your mom had lyme disease. I have been tested for it multiple times due to my symptoms and it was partially positive the first time I think, years ago, but my doc at that time said it was not really positive. I hope your mom is ok and did not develop lyme syndromes. Apparently there is a mutated gene in people from Europe which can cause them to develop inflammatory lyme syndromes even after treatment which seems get rid of it.

There are several tbd, I was aware of some of them due to my cats being tested but not of all of them, and not about the one I was exposed to which is Erhlichia Chaffeensis which is similar to the lyme bacteria.

Thanks Jen, I’m so exhausted from all of this, as well as having swelling and pain in my elbow now. I just hope it is not related to a tbd or ra. Hopefully it will get better in time.

Thanks Tapestry, I’m hoping for that too, I just need to get through these awful antibiotics.

I hope it’s not related to those things, too. All the muscles and joints in my body were super achy for a good month or two and I also had absolutely zero energy. Doing regular thngs like getting dressed and walking were exhausting and I’d struggle just to get through the work day adn then come home and go immediately to bed. But over the last week or so things have gotten so much better. I think having developed hypothyroidism, Vitamin B12 deficiency, and sleep apnea all at once was really wreaking havoc with my body, and treating them all at once has had a major positive impact. The way I’m feeling now compared to how I was feeling two weeks ago is not even comparable.

Getting through these periods of feeling so awful is not easy at all. I really hope treatments are effective and you see improvements soon.

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Sorry that you’re dealing with this upsetting discovery. I’m sorry I can’t answer any of your questions. I can identify with you, however. Back in the '80s I ended up in the hospital diagnosed with Rocky Mountain spotted fever due to a tick bite. Ticks carry lots of nasty things. I hope you can sort things out and get back on the road to better health.

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Yikes, sorry to hear of all your troubles.

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@meee Make sure you’re taking care of your gut health while you’re on antibiotics. As you say, they are awful, even though they make us better in the long run. Eat lots of foods with probiotics and there are even pills you can take now too, that will help.

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Thanks Tapestry, I’m going to do that. Someone on a lyme disease forum told me to take the probiotics 2 hours after the doxy. And no dairy so I’m using almond and coconut milk when needed. I don’t know if that will help my reflux, I’m taking it with food too. Apparently you cant take zantac or pepto with it but I’m on lanzoprazole. I take pb pills everyday now.

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Thanks Jen, that is good you feel so much better, I hope this helps me too, time will tell💕 I was told I may have sleep apnea at some point but I would never be able to wear one of those masks. So I have not bothered to get tested for it, another problem is I cant fall alseep in a sleep center.

Thanks Terry, sorry you had that, it must have been awful. Fortunately, none of this has put me in the hospital, thank goodness. I’m very bug phobic and I’m surprised a tick even managed to bite me, I usually feel them right away before they get me. It seems it probably was this tick that gave me EF because it only takes 3 weeks for IgG antibodies, I guess I’ll never know for sure.

Thanks Dave😊

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I second that! I don’t like creepy-crawly things! I live in an area with less of a tick and mosquito population. 3 years ago we rescued a dog that had ticks on her and we’d sometimes feel them crawling on us in bed. I would FREAK OUT! Yuck! After more than 3 months of applying tick and flea treatment, she stopped carrying ticks. There is a popular bike/hiking trail about a mile from our house, that has mosquitoes that have tested positive for West Nile virus repeatedly. the trail is adjacent to a creek and pond, so I guess that’s why they are there. therefore I avoid the park near dusk. All these little creatures will be around if mankind is wiped out–I’m sure of it. Cockroaches will rule the earth! Oh yeah, and I’ve seen black widows in my yard…

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I’m sure they will, yuck :joy_cat:
Sounds awful, we are in the northeast and it is less buggy here overall but the summers are bad. LI is a tickhaven apparently. Unfortunately the doxy has given me severe reflux after 2 doses so I will have to treat this another way. Maybe there are natural treatments. I stopped using flea and tick treatment years ago after 4 of my cats got cancer. In the past I didn’t use it and they were ok.

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