Tidepool is one step further! Click on the link below.:blush:


Cut and pasted from the Tidepool press release Dee linked to above. As a Loop DIY user for the last four years, I’ve enjoyed an extraordinary restoration of my quality of life. I’ve lived with T1D for 37 years. The metabolic sanity it gives me is immeasurable.

Built on the extraordinary foundation of the do-it-yourself diabetes community’s original Loop app, Tidepool Loop is a first-of-its-kind project to take a patient-led innovation and shepherd it through US FDA’s regulatory process with the goal to make the app more broadly accessible to people with diabetes and their clinicians. The app is designed to connect with a variety of compatible insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGM) to automatically dose insulin for the treatment of insulin-requiring diabetes in an effort to keep a user’s glucose within a desired correction range. The goal of the interoperable design is to provide flexibility for users and their healthcare teams to choose the compatible components to which they have the best access or with which they are most familiar using in managing their care.

“We are standing on the shoulders of giants — people in the open source diabetes community who believe management tools should work better together and created software for themselves and their community,” said Howard Look, CEO and co-founder of Tidepool. “Just two years from kicking off the project, we’ve taken that foundation and built a system we’re proud to put in front of FDA. We’re committed to working alongside the agency and our device partners to drive progress in the areas of device interoperability and access, and we look forward to FDA’s review.”

Tidepool is a non-profit effort staffed with people who live with T1D 24/7 and others who love them. I remain hopeful that the output of all this informed altruism will fill in all the missing pieces that commercial enterprises somehow fail to get fully right. We shall see.


Wow, thanks for the update. Something really slowed that down…I’m guessing covid.

Have you seen any reference to a Tidepool Loop for Android ?

@MM1 – No, I have not. I do think, however, if Tidepool’s initial iOS design of an interoperable automated glycemic controller (iAGC) is approved by the FDA and embraced by commercial concerns, it only makes sense that an Android-based iAGC app would follow to serve this much larger market. That’s a lot of “ifs” and I hope that scenario plays out.

It would require that the current commercial players abandon any hope of their wish to maintain their proprietary commercial silos. The FDA’s enabling of the iAGC along with the pump and CGM standards makes this possible.

Tidepool’s success means the patient’s voice will be heard and acted upon.