Time to Get Serious

I'm back again, because it's time for me to get serious again.

I was diagnosed with Type 2 last year, and watched my diet closely for the first month. It didn't work entirely, and so my doc put me on Metformin. The metformin really helped, and I was back within normal ranges.

But then I started to use the met as a reason not to watch the diet. And then I ran out and neglected to go to the doc to get more for 2 months. So I had 2 months without meds and eating whatever I felt like, over the December holidays. As you can imagine my blood sugar was all over the place, and my last HbA1C was 9.9.

So I've finally been to the doctor, who put me back on metformin, signed my forms to have my test strips and met put down as a chronic medication for my medical insurance and admonished me sternly. She did the HbA1c (mentioned above) and a finger stick, as well as checking me for anemia.

Well it turns out I'm anemic as well. My iron stores were about half of what they should have been.

So now I'm on metformin as well as an iron supplement, and am feeling much much better.

But it's time for me to get serious about my diet now. No more potato chips! No more chocolate! No more sugary ice-cream! More homecooking and planning my meals! It will be done.

Welcome back. I hope we can help you get serious about this and find your groove.

Thanks for the support Brian. It is much appreciated.

I really returned to TuD looking for information about how anemia and diabetes interact. So far I've found out that anemia can lead to false highs and metformin can lead to anemia.

Also, about a quarter of diabetics are also anemic, which I find surprising since it is not a big topic on TuD.

i'm glad you're back, megan.
why don't you join our chat room so wee could help you.

Welcome back Megan, I'm glad you're going to get back on track :)

Thanks guys :)