Tip for BG testing on fingers

I've seen many pics on this website of people's fingers from testing. And a lot of them show that people are testing directly on their fingertips. My doctor told me to test on BOTH sides of your finger NOT the fingertip. ---> (....) <---

Excuse my crude drawing but if that is your fingertip you should test where the arrows are and not where the dots are because you use your fingertips daily and not the side of your fingers so your fingers will heal a lot quicker. I test 12 times a day and I barely have any evidence on my fingers that I test. Good luck.

From my understanding you should test right on the tip of your finger as the skin is most soft there and pain there should be reduced, never hear of people testing other than that area unless your talking alternative test sites. The palm of your hand is one, and your arm is another but they require you to use a longer needle.

I was told there are the most nerve endings on the finger tip and where your finger tip are. That is why I have been testing like Rich described for over 26 years.

I never test on the pads of my fingers. All I can say is OUCH. I use the sides of my fingers and I use both sides and two joints, not just on the first joint. Generally, I with both sides joints that gives me for a total of something like 32 sites before the rotation comes around again. Even if you test like 15 times a day, that still gives you like two days to heal before reusing a test site. Now, if I could just remember where my last site was. It all just becomes a blur? I tried a permanent pen dot, but I could never keep the pen with my kit and the dot wore off in a highly variable manner.

How do you remember the last test site?

We were told never to test on the tip; to test on the sides. Her fingers look like hell (it’s been 5 years). We use the smaller guage 33 lancets. I’m wondering if One Touch Delica works as I have read it does.

And you would be right. I quickly learned long ago not to test on the finger tips… They would get calloused (despite rotation), and not heal as quickly. I test on each of my finger’s sides.

I only test on the sides of my fingers.