Tips for a new user?

Hi everyone, I inserted my first sensor about an hour ago so I guess I’m a member of the Dexcom club now!

Ever since I got word about insurance approval, I’ve been going through all the documentation and many of the discussion threads here on tD, but I know that there are countless pearls of wisdom, experience, and been-around-the-dexcom-block tips and tricks in this group to fill an unpublishable book. Would anyone be interested in contributing to a running thread of the tricks, quirks, and bits of wisdom that you’ve learned in your time with the Dex? It would be great to have all this experience in one place.

For instance, tonight I learned that the Dexcom receiver stops all charging and actually loses its charge when you shut it down while plugged in. That was a surprise and a bummer on Day One.

Also, In the interest of getting started quickly, I decided to forego the in-office training with the rep and start up on my own. So far so good, but is there any essential info that your trainers gave you that I am missing out on?

One hour till I calibrate, don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about testing my blood sugar…

congratulations!!! FUN FUN!!!

i get ??? if my laptop is adjacent to the sensor, so i’d keep it away (at least 6"?? or more?)…

i’ve just started to apply 4 pieces of “Nexcare First Aid Tape” (comes in rolls) on the edges (1/2 on the skin, 1/2 on the dxcm adhesive cloth part), making a rectangle, to keep it clean and “stuck”… so far, it has worked wonders. i know i’ve tried tapes and many others use different adhesives and tapes but this is readily available and sticks well (for me)…

Dexcom is really good with customer service (ah, compared to OmniPod peeps). But often times they are insistent with the the LOT # of y our sensor with issues. so either keep the package (the last tyvek bag, not the box) with the LOT/REF numbers or take a photo with your phone or something for future reference (in case it goes bad)…

Lizzie, there are many pages and many tips here, Way too many to type out here. For example, here is a discussion I posted last Sept ?) :

If you go back page by page and look at the titles of the discussions, you can pick out the more helpful ones.

These are fantastic tips and great insider knowledge! Thanks for bumping the post back up, Richard!

I just started a month ago and faced a lot of initial ??? errors. The phone support team is helpful. Get in touch with your local rep in case you have questions.
Initial training is not necessary but can be assuring. The training was most beneficial for how to insert the sensor and transmitter.
Get some medical tape (I use 3M medipore or durapore) to secure it especially if you plan to keep it on longer than 7 days. If you choose to keep it on longer, tell the receiver to “start sensor” as usual after it says to change it.

If you have the same experience I did, my best advice would be to BE PATIENT :slight_smile: Good luck!

Use NO Tylenol products. Really good to know when I had to go shopping for cold medication this week. Alka Seltzer Cold Plus uses aspirin.

I’ve learned from experience (and from this group) that it’s a good idea to “install” the sensor at least 2 hours before you start it up. It needs time to settle in and works much better if you take the time to do this.