Tips for Running with Diabetes

Hi all! I wanted to share a link to a new (just published today) Race Report from a new TeamWILD athlete. Megan just did her first half marathon. Enjoy!

I agree that I like the concept of directed feedback and the format is great but the local running store had a group that was totally free *and* passed out goodies and were tremendously supportive. There's other groups that have fees too so it's not unusual but I am more interested in buying shoes and belts than advice? I guess I'm not a huge advice person but it's always good to have dialogue?

Hi Bryan!!!
Thanks for reading Megan's report. I can totally relate that it's the type of support you see would be beneficial for you as you train for your half marathon. I'm curious what you think would be a fair price. We actually have done some intensive market research for the "value" of what we are offering: integrated athletic training plans and intensive support for 16 weeks from qualified experts... all TeamWILD staff is highly certified and experienced in athletics, diabetes and nutrition, to get an athlete ready for a half marathon. The regular price (not the value) for this from TeamWILD is $445. Which breaks down to $28 per week. Compare TeamWILD to Chris Carmichael or Dave Scott or others like those training systems and we are a huge discounted deal!!! And right now the plans are on sale, since we know that until we get a critical mass of athletes to try it out, it's just us saying it's good... which isn't enough to get good traction. The sale price for a half marathon program is $311 which for 16 weeks would be about $19.50 per week. If you want, write to me at Maybe we could work a deal with you to try it and if you think it sucks, we refund your investment. I need athletes like you, who think we're too expensive, to try what we have and tell others if it was actually worth it. ~Mari

Hi AcidRock23!!!
I think you bring up a really great reflection, that people don't want advice, because that is abundantly available for free, from anyone who's ever done anything!!! And goody bags are always an added plus! We're giving out some pretty awesome goody bags at the TeamWILD launch party on March 2 in Denver at PrimalWear. (it's a TeamWILD Launch and Tour de Cure Kickoff.. The American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure is partners with TeamWILD)

Our intention at TeamWILD is not to give advice, well, we might give that in the form of tips and blogs in our emails and website, but in our programs, we actually teach and coach. Which thus far, based on our athlete experience so far, is what we're doing. We teach about exercise physiology, and nutrition for endurance events (run, bike, triathlon and walking) and we teach a system for figuring out your Race Plan (takes a season or even sometimes more) to figure this out for YOU (we are all so different in our diabetes) and we don't offer quick fixes or easy solutions. It's actually some pretty deep education delivered basal style over many weeks. (as opposed to bolus style - going to the doctor every 3 months for some education.)

Anyway, like with Bryan above, if you have a particular race/event for which you are training, and you might like to try out one of our programs, shoot me an email. I really need athletes like you who are hesitant to invest in something like TeamWILD to give it a try... and see if it could work. And see if it's more than just "advice." My email is


I totally understand. Part of what I'd done is a really challenging Tae Kwon Do program *before* I started running. As I got closer to the black belt test, everyone was like "you'd better start running" and we had an ice storm/ holidays that shut down the dojang for a while so I started running on the treadmill and haven't stopped since then, December 2008.

I blew it at the marathon last year, starting out too fast as the bridge fried my Garmin and I just ran what felt good. Unfortunately, I felt *really* good for about the first 13 miles!

It's just like "hmm, 7 pairs of shoes, or 5 pairs of shoes, 4 shirts and 3 pairs of shorts..., entrance fees to a couple of major races, 70 cases of cheap beer?" considerations figure into it? The local group had physical therapists that did sessions about injuries, probably at least 60-70 runners, maybe more, with lots of experience, great pacers from 8:00 to 11:00 miles, tons of nutrition advice (as groups took turns brining snacks for after running...) and good conversation. I think that Team Wild sounds like a great program but I feel like I am continuing to make progress on my own, helping some other people get going too, running with friends, relatives, spreading the "you can do it" message as much as I can? I feel like if 275 lb me can do it, anyone can do it. Maybe that's oversimplifying it but it's like everyone has a choice. I think that it's great that you get people there and all of that and, if I were unsure or maybe didn't have the confidence I got getting my butt kicked or kicking my own butt at TKD, I'd be more interested in getting into a huge program but $300 is a lot of $$ on top of what I blow on shoes, clothes and mp3s, not necessarily in that order? Thanks for the reply though!!