Help a fellow diabetic get chosen for a triathlon team!

Hello everybody!

I’m applying for Team Evotri. They have a video
application competition on YouTube. I would really appreciate it if you

could follow the link, watch my application, and “like” it. It won’t even

take you five minutes.

endurance sports with diabetes has a lot of meaning for me, and making

Team Evotri would mean more publicity about Type 1 Diabetics doing what

"normal" athletes do.

Thank you!!!

Can you flip it over? I was a little distracted that the writing on your shirt is backwards.
Good luck!
Also, consider joining Triabetes at, and the Triabetes group here on Tu Diabetes.

I can’t! That was how my webcam recorded it. I’ve heard about Triabetes. Could you tell me what you mean by joining?

Well, joining the group on Tu Diabetes works just like joining this group.
To join the club team, go to
It’s $40 for a 12-month membership. I know it’s not cheap, but it’s less than the registration for most triathlons, and well worth it. Triabetes is a USA Triathlon certified club team with over 130 members, many participating in an online forum. Where else are you going to be able to meet dozens of diabetic triathletes?
Triabetes is my favorite club, because they are open to all diabetics and I’ve been friends with some of the central people for years, but another team you may be interested in is Team WILD, Women Inspiring Life with Diabetes,

Good Luck! I hope you get chosen!
I just joined Team WILD myself and so far have been getting a lot of good resources and information! There are regular consultations with the coach, diabetes educators, and dieticians, and a lot of record keeping, so I think it will be tough, but well worth it!
I have been really frustrated with dealing with swinging blood sugars and exercise, so having other input from professionals is going to be really valuable for me!