Tired most of the time, Who to blame!?

Do you blame D! Or your self? May be if I was high, but some times I will be feeling tired and fatigue while my BG is less than a 200. Which made me think is there a certain number that you feel tired and don’t wanna do a thing since you are high? Just sit down and drink water!

I hear ya. I’ve been working evenings and now I feel tired all the time. My tired number varies. I get tired when I’m low sometimes, but more so when I’m above 250.

Being high will make me tired and less enthusiastic Been on a pump now for about a month and a half, and my wife noticed more energy in me. I have to agree with her and feel less tired and more motivated. So, yes, high = tired.

I have been feeling all sorts of weird over the past few months.
My tired number was over 250

Now I’ve been feeling exhausted at 150.

Hopefully that means that my A1c is coming down? haha.

I seem to get really tired at 200 or over. When I was on MDI, it was like 250. I am not sure why that is. I think for me it is that I don’t go as high as I used to anymore (as far as I know - I test 6 to 8 times a day). My highs are 170 to 180 if I have one. On MDI, it just seemed like I had more of a chance to be in mid 200’s. I think another reason is that now I exercise regularly, and while on MDI I didn’t so much. This may also be part of the reason I feel terrible at 200 and above.

I feel tired at above 250 and like Dave, iccky at 350 or above , but tired regardless of bg when its hot… and its a scorcher today…went to the cemetary to leave flowers for mom and i thought i was gonna faint… checked bg 400 boy i felt iccky,iccky…Time for phenergan. now i will really be tired…

I get a run down feeling at over 200, start to feel crabby and irritable at 225, hungry, sluggish and foot dragging at 285, anything over 350 is HORRID. . At that level: I have all of the former emotional and physical symptoms, in addition to wanting to lie down ANYWhere, a table, the floor, the ground, a haystack look equally good for a rest, as my heart is pounding and I feel depleted of energy.

My best , mosst energetic healthy feelings are from 85 to about 135.

These reasons are definitely why I want to avoid extended highs.
God bless,

I’ve never noticed if I get tired when I have high blood sugars. I’m just a go go go type of person - and generally don’t let fatigue take me over - unless something nondiabetic is happening like it did during the month of July. I was tired sometimes after eating dinner last month - and I don’t eat big meals. Now granted, that’s when I was going thru’ some hiccup with health the last month - now I seem to be not needing my nap. My blood sugars were fine.

Oh and I get tired when I’m stuck as a passenger on the back of MY motorcycle - does that count? I can nod off to sleep with the vibrations/hum of engine, very relaxing. Luckily I haven’t gone sliding off the bike … yet … splat!

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I think it depends on what your body is used to…when testing was not available and I was probably running around 500 most of the time…I just got used to it…your body has a way of compensating…now when I go overf 200 I feel really “yukky” as you say…tired, bad tempered…even sometimes sick to my stomach…when I used to run around high all the time on MDI when I say dropped from 500 to 200 I felt like I was low…so I used to eat and “jack the number back up again”…it was so difficult then…thank goodness for pumps…etc…testing…CGM…

Thanks for the input fellows D’s :slight_smile:

i get really lethargic at 250 at 300+ i get stomach cramps. my A1C is on the high side so i guess the number is a sliding scale for each of us. like Sheila said it’s relative to your norm.

i don’t know if you guys experience this too but when i wake up high i feel really hungry, so much more then when i have a good BS.

Really? I’m just wicked thirsty when I’m high BG. I get STARVING when I’m low.

yeah it’s really weird but when i wake up under 200 i feel fine but i find that if i’m like 250+ i wake up with this gnawing hunger like i haven’t eaten for days. weird, maybe i’m just turning into a zombie =)

i asked a nurse educator about it and she said something to the effect of being hihg makes you body spill proteins which can make you hungry where as being at a lower level you body is functioning more efficiently and retaining proteins. i’m still not sure if i totally buy that explanation.

well it makes a bit of sense. High protein is the whole ketoacidosis thing… but i always thought that having excess protein in your blood causing you to feel full?

well i think she meant that if you pee it out all night you’re kinda empty of protein so when you wake up you’re hungry?

hmmm… i dunno. Sounds… plausible? But, I don’t know if it’s true.