Tired of waiting

I've decided to stop taking all diabeties medication.
I recently tried the atkins diet and found I wasn't taking off much weight of as they said I should,because of all the meds I was taking including insulin.I would like some feed back from all of you on this site,if I should try or what is next, tired of waiting.

Hi Jean. It's only my opinion, but I think that stopping Diabetes meds, especially insulin, is likely to lead to a disaster. If you feel you must experiment, just drop one med at a time--excluding insulin. I would strongly recommend consulting your doctor before making any changes at all. Best wishes.

Thanks Trudy,going to doctors this afternoon will talk to her about what I want to do,just tired of gaining weight with inslin ,going to gym and seeing no results.

Let us know how your appointment goes. I'm hoping your doctor will recommend a new regimen that will work for you.

Not taking insulin in order to lose weight, is known as "diabulimia".

Some resources say that this is an eating disorder specific to T1 but I feel that is overly specific. Perhaps, this is most well known among young T1 women, but the problem (and the fact that the pressures on any diabetic can lead to eating disorders) I feel is much broader than that specific case.


I did go to the doctors,results slow decrease of inslin ok but not cold turkey.

Even though you are taking insulin, diet is important. One question though, how are your test results? Are your blood sugars good?

Yes my blood sugars are great.