Tis time for the busy season, maybe it should be called that and not Christmas

Next week is hell week for me, Monday I will find out about shoulder surgery, Tuesday I work from 10-5:30, Wed, I find out about the stomach biopsy and have to see my Doc about D (which since he changed my insulin regimin around sugars have been stable) Thurs, I work 10-5:30 and then Fri, I leave to go to Missouri where I get to celebrate Christmas 4 times in the week I am there. Oh and I also have 2 finals next week as well. I am done with my math class, took the final the other night, finished with an A overall in that class so that is one less thing on my mind. Christmas week should be a challenge on me with blood sugar. 4 Christmas celebrations, 4 large Christmas meals. I like the holidays because I get to see family that I only get to see at Christmas, but I hate the meals. Why is it that we have to celebrate holidays with a large amount of food. It should be enough just to get together and be with family and remember the reason for the season. The reason for the season isn’t about eating, isn’t about stuffing yourself until you feel like you are going to throw up. It isn’t made for Diabetics to feel bad about over indulging in the carbs, or making us nuts about counting carbs on numerous things we don’t know because they are home made or about measuring out food. It is about spending time with family and loved ones. I think I feel the worst for the kids on holidays. Getting together with family and not being able to eat freely, having to wait until Mom or Dad measure outs your food, gives you your bolus of insulin. Christmas for kids should be a time of playing with new toys and cousins, not worrying about blood sugars, boluses, amounts of food. Sometimes you have to wonder what you did to deserve this horrible disease. I am not type 1, and my lifestyle didn’t cause type 2 for me. A medication I was put on for anxiety caused my type 2.

{{{{Cody}}}} I’m with you!
Are you any closer to your goals for the pump? I hope it is going well!

hi cody,
I can relate with it… sometimes i also ask, why did I do to deserve this? having D is very complicated, you cannot do the things you usually do, there’s always limitation, and I hate that, everything you do, you have to thing first that you got D! grrr…
yeah, and Christmas, it’s for thanking God for the blessing he had given us for the whole year, for me Christmas is thanksgiving day! :slight_smile: