For once, I think I'm having trouble with my health that isn't exactly 100% Diabetes related. This is both refreshing, and frustrating at the same time. What's my body's latest trend? Being dizzy all day. This seems to be the case for just the daytime, which means I sleep all day and am up all night because that's when I feel the best. This isn't the best schedule for someone who usually works the tail end of the day, or rather, the middle of the day to the end of the day. This holiday season I worked myself sick. Literally. I felt a flu coming on but worked myself to death because my job is in retail and if you've ever worked retail, you know how it is. So I worked until christmas eve, and on Christmas eve I came home very, very sick. Missed the Xmas party my family always has, slept mostly through Christmas, and had to call out for TWO WEEKS after because I was so weak and sick. Then I went on my scheduled 2 week vacation. Went to NY to see family, and all I've done is stayed in bed almost the entire time because I've been so dizzy and weak feeling that I can't do anything but get up to go to the bathroom. And the weird thing? My counts have been okay. I mean they haven't been absolutely wonderful, but I haven't had anything above a 250, and even at that I've gotte it down relatively quickly. So why am I feeling like this? If i'm laying down, I feel well. I feel like I'm ready to get up and tackle the world. When I get up, I suddenly just wannt to die. SO... i don't know, explain that one to me. I have a doctor's apt scheduled for when I get home, but I'm so worried I won't be able to work. I'm so afraid of losing my job because that's how I get insurace. I'm REALLY afraid of losing that insurance. Ugh, this is just a disaster and I just want it to GO THE HELL AWAY.

Glad to know you have a dr. appointment that was going to be my suggestion. Sometimes everything is not Diabetes related but it does affect your disease. Hopefully it is something that can be cleared up quickly with meds...let us know what they find.

Praying for you. Do you have Blood pressure issues, or an ear ache? Are you keeping hydrated?

could be dehydrated.

Thank you guys! I went to the doctor and she suspects dehydration, though I'm not exacttly sure how long it takes to get over that. I've been keeping my bloodsugar normal, and have been drinking sports drinks and water like a fish. I've noticed a little improvement!

I had to be in hospital a day for mine and I wasn't up to normal for another week later. I had lost maybe three pounds of water. Can't drink that back in that fast.