Thank you for being my friend

Hello Ms. Dickerson;
My significant other has Type 2 diabetes and I represent 100% of her support group. I am trying to learn as much as I can about the ailment, such that I can help her manage this affliction. The verbage in your discussions are most helpful in my understanding.
Thank You,

Your wrecome James! I’m proud that my Southern accent is helping you out! Alot of folks have trouble with that TN accent! If you need anymore help I’ll be glad to help you if I can!

Thanks Ms. Dickerson, I appreciate your support, I am from Arkansas.

Your partner is lucky to have you…this is the place to get all kinds of support and info. Good luck to you both.

James please call me Doris! Ms Dickerson was my mother-in-law! HA! That exp;ains it then! Us Southerners have tio stick together! HA!

Yes, your partner is very lucky, it is great to have you here James. Welcome! :slight_smile:

Thanks Marston, its great to be here.