To deliver

It was 8’o clock that morn on the 9th of march. That sunday wasn’t starting off good, two co-workers were already late because of the time going forward and they didn’t realize that they were late. So I knew than that my trip to Bryan was going behind. It’s just I work overnight and getting out at 7:30am every morning is hard to travel without sleep. Finally the co-workers showed up almost 8:30 and I’m out of the door. Stop at the gas station and filler up was my first step now I had to go home and get my other bags and kiss everyone good bye.

Now, here I was ready to go and deliver this meter and supplies to another person with diabetes. Diabetes knows no boundaries and doesn’t discriminate either. Well, I have a 100 miles to go and I knew that I would be doing alot of thinking. Like was I to comfort the family worrying about Lonel. Lonel didn’t know he was diabetic for a while till that one afternoon he was standing next to his car and he felt faint. He started to see spots in his vision and was blurrey. He couldn’t move and sought his sister’s help to take him to the ER. It was there that they told him that he was diabetic and that he was lucky to be there with his blood sugar at over 700.
I’m going 75-80 miles an hour not stopping for a bite or drink, just want to get there as fast as I can so that I can rest my
head. Just thinking of Lonel has me worried, but knowing that he is in church as I’m driving up there puts me in a peaceful mood. The Taylor family said that they had the door opened for me when I get there cause they would be in church by the time I get there.

There goes my mind wondering again, this time remembering how I found out I was diabetic, I had already been in and out of the hospital ER so many times in like two months with my head beating me up with hardening pain to where I would beg the doctors to please tell me why my head is killing me. They look at me like I was crazy but all that time they never told me that I was diabetic even after my blood work showed evidence. That was at our city hospital, so one day it got so far as making my whole body collapsed in front of a check cashing place in my car. So I immediately called my son to bring his sister so that she could drive my car and take me to another ER.

The blood tests showed that my blood sugars were way out of control at 688. The doctor came in and said that I have diabetes and if I knew anything about having it. I said no that no other doctor has even mentioned it. He became real concerned and said that he was glad that I had went to them instead. That doctor is my hero as I remember telling him crying that at least my diagonois was made because the other doctors weren’t telling me what was wrong. At least I could start doing something now that I knew what was wrong.

A couple of days later I had started a new job as a hostess for this fabulous hotel and I was so sick from the aftermath of the high blood sugar that I literally made myself stand up and take the heat. New to this I didn’t know what to expect. The hotel staff were very understanding and before the rush was to come in for lunch they had me go and eat something and have a glass of orange juice at my station.

New job and finding out about this disease didn’t mix too well for awhile, I was constantly going to the restroom and having stomach cramps. So I had to figure out my body routine with this monster while barely starting the medicines. I was a mess but I knew I had 4 kids and a grandbaby who depended on me to keep a roof over there heads. Their education was way too important for me to have them worring about housing, food, and other basics in life to get were you need to go in life. I came too far in my life to ever give up because of this monster. The routines in my life and regular doctor check ups helped me to get my life back in order and to do more in life.

So I went to explore more what other jobs i could hold and accomplished. I became a collections clerk than decided that I could do something better than that. I’m now a treatment specialist at a brain injured rehabilitation center. I’ve been there for almost a yr in June it will be. I make more money now and there’s barely 2 kids and 2 grandkids now in the house. My second to the oldest son, Johnny, is in the Navy. He just text me a couple of days ago that he is heading out to the Persian Gulf by Iran and will be doing more training. He does diesel jets and planes and such mechanical work and in aviation for the Navy. You know when he told me that he was going to the Navy, I knew not to be selfish and tell him that he couldn’t go because his mother is sick. Instead I told him to go and explore the world and never look back only to know were you come from. His response was he only wanted to be just like me a strong person.

At this moment memories good and bad go thru my mind. I love you my son and I’ll be here for you when you come home. Here I am, here in bryan. The door is open for me, and I find a note that a bedroom has been set up for me. I unload and go straight to sleep. A couple of hours and I hear a big commotion out of my guest room. It’s them all fighting who’s going to greet me first. They were all happy to see me that I made it safely. I was so happy to see them too. My traveling to them was worth it to see their happy faces especially the children.

We made some sandwiches and some for me and Lonel with no cheese, light mayo, with lettuce and tomatoes, on wheat bread. We were getting ready to go to the park with other church members to meet. We packed sandwiches, fruit, some fresh salad, chips and bottled water and we were off. All day at the park and we had alot of discussion about diabetes before you know it other people came up and ask about this monster and its symthoms. I was hearing left to right people saying that they were going to their doctor for a test for diabetes after I told them the symthoms of having it.

To deliver a meter and supplies was also to deliver a message on diabetes the monster to a dozen or more people was satisfying to me. I left that park that evening feeling that if I had let the monster take control of me, I would not of been able to travel alone for a 100 miles.

It delivered a message to me as well, that I’m still the person that my son says he wants to be like me. So now I don’t say why anymore instead I get involved now. The next day, was doctor appts for Lonel and to the store to teach him to read the labels for carbs, sodium and fats. To the house to teach him how to eat more veggies with his meats. And to try to stay away from the boxed microwave foods and junkfoods also the sweets. We all laughed and had a good time and not be mopping around what this monster has done to us but to rejoice that we had a choice to either live with the monster or to put him in the doghouse.

Tuesday afternoon came and I had alot of good memories over the past couple of days. Eagar I was to return home to the grandkids. To show gratefulness of what I do have. Said tearful goodbyes as I left. Telling Lonel to keep up his meter readings and to observe the way his meds made him felt so that if any adjustments needed to be done his meter was his record keeping. Wished him well and that I would be there for anything just a phone call away.

I pull away in my Blazer from their land with an inner peace in me. They gave me something too, friendship,
relaxation away from homelife, memories, and a chance to keep that strongness in me, that my son sees in me. Thank you, Lonel and family - I say on to them while leaving. Not crying for sadness, but for joy and relief.
I pick up my cell and call my family that I’m on the way home and who do I hear in the background the grandbabies. I knew than that I had to keep my strongness and never let the monster take it away from me. I have my grandbabies to see graduate from high school and a chance to meet you all as well when I start up future traveling to advocate against this disease. Another 100 miles back home and time to remember all the struggles that led me to this point. It wasn’t to deliver something to Lonel only but to deliver me back to myself as well.


Patti, that was one of the most heart felt blogs I have ever read. Thank you very much for sharing your life’s journey with us. You are one special person.,Jeff

Patti, how inspiring your journey was and the lesson we can all learn. Being an advocate for Diabetes is what I also do with whoever needs help. You attitude toward Diabetes has renewed an old vetern like me.

dear sweet patti! what a wonderful blog! i’m so glad you shared your story with all of us here at TuDiabetes. god bless you!

God bless you!

patti, you touched my heart - And the feelling is so heavenly wellcomed. jose

Patti, thank you for sharing your journey and I am glad that you have found what I have. I have tried to turn diabetes into a positive by helping others as much as possible and have tried to teach my daughter the same as I feel it is one of the best ways to get through this disease with a positive attitude and I find much joy in helping others. You are a wonderful sweet person and I am sure you are going to help many many people. God Bless you and your journey!

Thanks for sharing that with us. I think we all feel we need to help nurture the newbies to the next level. I’m sure that Lonel knows he has been blessed by your grace.
Thank you for setting an example for the rest of us!

These are the times when G-d in His Mercy lets us know why he chose us to have this condition… It is so that we can do His Will to help others. We are G-d’s angels here on Earth, and He prepares us for each task he puts before us. You know you have made a big difference in Lonel’s life, and he will remember it and pass it forward as well.

Patti, I had not read this blog until today. It was wonderful! It show us what a fantastic person you are and what a big heart you have. I was especially happy to hear from you today.


wow patti… that was a amazing story. I can def. relate. I am so thankful for the people i have around me that learn about diabetes with me so they can become more educated. Your note was a very big inspiration to me! God Bless!