All that a girl can ask for...lots of TuD friends

When I was first diagnois with D type 2, I had no ideal what to expect. How was I going to raise my gson if I was sick? That was 4 years ago and the gson is 4 1/2 years old now. He has kidney disease, so him and I share identical menu planning. That one work out for the best.

Than there was the insurance part, I had none…cause the job I had before being diagnoised fired me for something I had no control over. My eyesight was going blurry and the ceiling lights at work had halo light around them. Like seeing double.

I was marking down some meat to put 10-50 % off on them. The dates on them had to be 1 day before expire to put these stickers on them. One quantity of meat I was inspecting, I thought I saw the date 6 on them and went to reduce them. Turn out the date was 8, two days later I was called to the office by lost prevention. He pounded on me for this and said that I was trying to steal. I kept telling them that I have on reason to steal and that my vision was blurry. He said if I had proof and I said no I haven’t gone to a doctor about it yet.

They fired me instead. A month later, I was in the emergency room with a blood sugar of almost 700. I was so ashamed of them firing me because I know what kind of person I am. I felt so alone. Luckily, I had a job offer at a fast food place where my god-cousin was a manager at. Worked there till I got the offer from the Omni Hotel. I was still at awe of finding out I was diabetic. Still trying to fit with this disease and it’s put downs.

Finally, got prescriptions to the meds I needed. Three months later, I was given insurance thru the hotel. I liked the job as a hostess and order taker for the room service which I got to dress up all elegant. But the pay was too low.

Kissed my friends at the hotel gbye. Than started working for the Mary Lee Foundation. Finally, a place to feel comfortable to work with diabetes.

Than about 4 months down from starting my new job, I was still at awe about this disease and wanted to learn more about it. Didn’t know were to go, almost all the time when I tried to go to a support group they would have the wrong address on it or it was cancelled.

I knew I needed something that was dependable. A wide range of people all involved with diabetes of all types is what I was looking for. To learn and to give of myself as well.

Than the day I got my new computer, got the internet hooked up and bingo. I was on my way to learning about diabetes on research. Than in the corner of the research I was looking at was a ad logo saying MMMh, I started to think for a moment cause there it was just staring at me to click on the website. I did and that was over two years ago.

I have to say now that I’m two years older on this site, alot of my fondess has come from here. Feeling important and giving my time to this site is so rewarding. And alot of times always finding something new on this site. I’m so confident that I know that if something goes wrong with me that I have a load of friends to pick me up from the tormoil of it all.

So, I have to say that being on this site is the most rewarding experience that I can write down on my book of life. For me to be able to educate to the public about diabetes and the importance of raising money for the research has me hooked.

My husband and I have our hearts open to all causes of research, today we sold sausage wraps, water and soda to benefit breast cancer. This was at his job, we raised 800 dollars.

Diabetes will not ever stop me from living, as long as I have the power within me to help out with causes I shall be the one that they can count on.

To all my friends here, you are my family and always loved by me. Should I also say that this site has given me some or alot of my light in life. Love you all, Patti

Patti…your friends here have so much to thank for as well, because of you. All through these times you have given so much of yourself. YOU have also given us “light in our lives.” And we love you too :slight_smile:

Well Patti you were one of the first to welcome me here And one of my first friends on my list. I always freak out to join places i always think what if no one ever ask me to be a friend. How sad. But that has not happened I am thankful not to be alone in my Diabetes fight. And you and Hubby did great on your fundraiser…Keep Up the Good Fight…Your TuD friend - God Bless

Patti, you are so right. This place is amazing, thanks to people like yourself. What a difference it has made to so many of us. As for your importance, we will probably never meet, but you have given me my new life motto, and I quote you all the time…“Too blessed to be stressed.” Thanks.

Yes, girls…Too blessed to be stressed. How right that is and sometimes I too have to be reminded of it too. Right now, I’m going thru something that is undiagnois to this moment. They already tested the kidneys, liver, bladder and the uterus. Now they need to get to the colon which is the direction the pain is coming from. I’m being positive without any painkillers. Just trying to make it day by day with the pain.

I have you girls and guys to keep me going as well. All that a girl can ask for. LOL

When I was diagnosed last year,I was stunned.I went to see my doctor because of the side affects of another medication and little did I know that the side affects from the medication is also the symptons of diabetes.I cried for days.With family and friends by my side,I don’t know how I would be holding up today.So,I’m with you.