Today four years ago

It's strange to think that today is my four year anniversary. In a way, it feels like such a short time. I can remember the days before diabetes--when I wasn't watching what I ate--when I practically lived on Dr Pepper and M&Ms. But at the same time, that life feels far away and it feels like I've been doing this for a long time.

Yesterday, I talked with a pharmacy student--I'm part of a study in town that is trying to determine the effect of diabetes education on A1C or something like that. Yesterday, it meant that I had to suffer through a talk with a kid who was absolutely certain that he knew more than me about diabetes.

I didn't really learn anything--it just reminded me why diabetes education is so frustrating. I mean, what's the point of having him tell me to test before exercising (every time) and then try to argue that I don't need my test strips. I shot that down pretty quickly. But I'm not sure he's really convinced as a general rule, just in my specific instance. sigh.

Sometimes I'm so tired of it.

Ah well. I celebrated my diaversary with blood glucose numbers that haven't been out of the seventies all day. And that made me as happy as a handful of m&ms, which just shows how nearly dying can shift your priorities.

It's been a hard year. Not diabetes wise, but in everything else. I wish things weren't so hard.

Congratulations Teowyn. I hope the rest improves for you soon. Joanne

Thank you. It just hits me when I think about it too hard.