Today is a special day

Today I celebrate 26 years living with Type 1 diabetes. 26 years!!! I remember being 18 & saying, “Man, I can’t believe I’ve had diabetes for 3 years already!” That seems like last year.

Time flies & I am so fortunate to be happy & healthy after many finger pricks, needles, infusion sets, highs, lows, ups & downs, airport security checks, & a host of other challenges! Here’s to me & to all of you touched by diabetes.

We are special people indeed!

Happy 26th Anniversary! And wishing you many, many more years of happiness and good health!

CONGRATS on the achievement of 26 years! Hope you many more achievements.

Cheers Julie Ann! Congratulations! What an inspiring achievement…

Congratulations Julie Ann! That’s huge. I will be celebrating 28 years with diabetes in February so I know how you feel. You should be proud of all of your hard work!

Hugs to you & congratulations!

Congratulations!!! I know the I can’t believe, at 52 I get type 1. So good for you.