We have snow which is a rare treat.

It's not on the roads and the power didn't go out so that's my kind of snow.

Beautiful to look out w/o causing problems.

Thank you for the comments and offers of support. I think I've figured out how to reply to comments and get them to the right person.

Exercise: Sunday has always been my day of rest as far as exercise goes so none today.

If the roads don't ice up or the snow doesn't become a hinderance tomorrow I will go to the Wellness Center and do 30 mins in the pool.

I have the week off so I hope to make it 4 times this week.

Food:I did much better with this today.

My food plan allows 2 carb choices at Breakfast, 1 at snack, 4 at lunch, 2 at snack, 3 at supper, and 1 bedtime.

Breakfast: I stuck with the plan--Snack I had a cup of coffee which came to 1--Lunch: I had 3

Afternoon snack: I couldn't seem to get full and I had 5 which is way to much. (Usually I don't have an afternoon snack.)

Suppper: I will limit myself to 3.

Today as with most days I haven't really worried about getting in veggies but beginning tomorrow I need to begin seriously eating veggies and at least one fruit a day.

Water: This is another area that I'm having to work on. I need to get in at least 64 ozs per day. Today I will probably get in about 60 which will be an improvement since I usually only get in less than 10 to about 30 depending on if I'm working or not.

Glucose: I haven't been checking like I should. In fact I've let a lot of days go by w/o checking. That is going to change.

I did a fasting check this morning. I'll do a before supper and then either a 2 hour after supper or a bedtime check. My goal is three checks a day.

I hope everyone has had a good day.


Did someone suggest you drink a gallon of water a day? You may find it a lot easier & more effective to count carbs. The exchange method is outdated & not accurate. The more carbs you eat, the more you’ll crave. When I was following the ADA plan with many carbs & constant snacking. I was hungry all the time.

Chinese restaurant syndrome -- you eat, and you think you're full, and then an hour later, you're hungry again. It's because of all the carbs in Chinese food, especially if you eat the rice!

I have noticed that I'm far less hungry eating more protein and less carbs. Brnyrbr, try doing some reading of modern thought on diet -- there are books in the library -- and you may rethink eating all those carbs!