Tomorrow comes very soon! Also diabetics in the tropics

It is unbelievable all the preparations we have to make!
Take this morning. Johanna and I went looking for worms at 5 AM to take with us for our expected fishing trip. We almost ended up in jail when a policeman got curious about our doings on a neighbors lawn. Didn’t believe our fish story! We also had to go to many stores to find large fish hooks because the fish are much larger there then my maximum 28 pounds salmon I got as my largest fish in Canada. Yeah, it is not easy to please our Government eh? Anyone knows if Crocodiles (or crocks as we in the fishing community call them) like worms? No peanut butter on there I guess? I’m told they like to eat human females better, more flesh I guess, ( so it is handy that I have Johanna with me) instead of an 81 year old bone bag, so I should be ok!

In the diabetes department we had to take especially great care for going to a hot place and bought lot’s of creams and powder to fight the heat there. Cooling bags for the insuline, my doc says boiling insuline should not be used! Yeah!
Well I have to tell a lot more but I won’t make it too long! May write a book about our trip! That is if the crocks won’t eat us for breakfast, so let’s hope for the best eh?

Waiting for tomorrow then, Amazone, here we come!


I think you’d better watch out. The crocs might have a sweet tooth for diabetics…

Don’t they have good worms over there? Did you get a passport for them?