We go on an Amazone River Boat adventure for diabetes

Are we going to the Amazone on diabetes duty for Government!

This is so different and exciting. Here is the poop.
The Goverment of Canada has some very learned people working for it.

They want to find out , how older diabetics do in their every day life, in tropical weather.
This group going there next month have also some other people on board with different diseases but they did run in trouble with the diabetes couple who had to cancel their participation because the man had a sudden heart attack. In the next 9 days before leaving on the Amazone Santana River Boat trip paid for by the Government, they must replace the diabetes couple by another couple.

It so happens that my son is high up in the technical field working for the Gov. for many years and rubs shoulders with the people involved with the Amazone trip. So when the problem did arise with the diabetes couple my son voluntered Johanna and I for the job as being ideal for the job mentioned.
I understand that we would have to leave by the first day of next month, a bit sudden if you ask me.
But to miss such an oppertunity would be sinful so we accepted. We will email you all the pictures we will make and then some. We will be a bit busy getting organized for the trip, luckily we have our passports in good shape, but anyway that could have been fixed soon.

Needles to say that we have no sleep at nights but have to be in good shape to make use of this sudden oppertunity. We are making long lists of what to do and what to bring before the first of next month
when we will be picked up by a government car. We are very excited by this all and so sudden also!
Will keep you informed if we get enough time to do so!

Johanna and John alias JB.

This is awesome …looking forward to reading about this !!!
Have a grand time .

How exciting!!! Wish it were me!

Goodness, how exciting. Try to rest well before you go, even if it’s just lying with your eye’s closed in a dark bedroom for 7 to 8 hours per night. You’ll get more sleep than you may realize (according to Dr. Dement, the “father of sleep medicine”) and you’ll need that rest before you go a’ traveling.

I hope you have a fabulous, magical time.

Say hi to the monkeys and jungle birds for me! I’ve been to Venezuela and the monkeys and birds were amazing.

You know your neighbors are going to be worried if the guys in that government car are wearing black coats!

That sounds like a fun trip and I am also looking forward to hearing about it.

Wow! Good for you John and Johanna. Excellent! Too Bad for the other couple. I hope that he is doing Better. That sounds like an Exciting trip. I always say, if the Gov. is going to waste tax-payer dollars, it may as well be wasted once in a while on you and me. :smiley: Great call by your Son. Make sure that you hop into the Gov. car and not the Mafia car behind it. :smiley: Have a Fabulous time, rest and take care of you two. Can’t wait to see your adventure photos.

What antimalarial are you gonna take?
And what will make your water nice and pure?
And what will we take to manage diarrhea?
Those were what we always handled first & second. And we always had it along but never got diarrhea.
Have a GREAT time!
I miss the tropics! So I am all jealousy right now.
Keep safe. And when you get back, you’d better make a serial of it!

We take quinine for malaria, the water is looked after by the crew, diarhea can be imodium but codeine works better.
Hope not to get any of them.


Just want to be sure you start the antimalarial afew weeks ahead so you’ve got it in your system before you get there. You won’t get anything. Stay under the lights when outside at night. Bugs stay up by the lights, not below. And brush your teeth with treated water.

JB , have you checked with your local Nanaimo Health Department which shots are required for travelling to South America ? …when we travelled to Bali, Indonesia early 2000 we needed extra protection/shots .
And bring Insect protection along in any case. …but maybe you have been advised about all this already by those who are taking you ?

Thank all of you for your advice but we have it all under control. Working weeks ahead is not possible because of the short notice.We are sure it all will work out just fine. After all we are “Government” protected are we not?