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I showed up to Joslin early as I didn’t know how to download the info from my animas. I just got a new printer and my computer is a wee bit funky since I got it so I waited until I got to Joslin. I didn’t see my normal CDE and saw a different one who understood my frustrations on being on saline for oh almost 4 weeks. So she had me change my infusion set and the reservoir. And the reservoir was changed with Humalog. So I am officially on insulin. Thats the best news I’ve heard since December. My basal rate will stay the same at .785. We will keep that till I go back on Wednesday where we have insulin information and then we can adjust accordingly. So I am finally on insulin!

Congratulations, Amy and welcome to the club you’ve waited patiently to join! Do be sure to keep good records of all your blood sugars, highs, lows, what you ate, etc so that you are able to see patterns. Personally I think the sooner you get independent from these control freaks and managing your own numbers on a day to day basis the better!

It is nice to not hav eto do math and do a shot while pump gives saline. It is nice that I can go out to dinner with friends and just know that the meter tells the pump to give insulin and no digging into my purse and get the shot ready. I am so happy! Less stuff in the sharps container. But the pens will be my back up in case ketones are present, etc.

Congrats! I only just started reading this a few days ago…I remember when I first got my pump. I had to wait a couple weeks. I use a CozMore pump and will be having to buy a new one in the next year. My insurance doesn’t cover, so I’ll have to foot the bill, but been saving up. I am thinking I want an animus ping. What made you pick this pump?

In the US Animas runs a program where you can trade in your old pump (they started this to capture the Cozmo folks) and get a Ping for I believe it is $200. I would look into this by calling your local rep. Seems like a good deal with no insurance.

Congrats Amy!!!

food directory :)…It was important for me to get an accurate carb amt. Plus I like that the screen is color. It makes it easy for me to see. Plus I can program up to 12 different basals :)…Now that is keeping diabetes in check.

thanks! I am FINALLY pumping! so far my sugar levels are really good right now. On my dexcom I’m hovering around 125.

The problem with that is that they only give you a warranty that matches what you had left on your CozMore pump. Well, that’s just silly…I’ll use this pump until i don’t have a warranty left. I mean…at the end of the warranty I would have had to buy a new ping anyway…? Made no sense to me.

Congratulations Amy! It is about time! I hope that after everything you have been thru to get going on it, that things go really smooth (don’t follow in Zoe’s footsteps on that one - just kidding Zoe). I saw you say you are not liking it but I think that is just the saline and that will change for you.

Yeah Amy. Congrats on finally starting on insulin.

Woooohoooo Congratulations!!! I’ve been on insulin in mine for one week… my numbers are not so great right now though… they are all over the place! Keep us posted on how you’re doing. I hope everything runs as smoothly as possible. =]

So far its nice w/o the lantus! I know ill need different basal levels at night for sure…wugar level right now is low so I’m trying to bring it up…,y level @ 3am was @ 175 so I think some time after that it when low…so I’m finally pumping!

I had said I wanted to go through every possible problem just to get them out of the way, Kelly! LOL. Actually as my 2 month anniversary on the pump I decided that I would have smoothed out my problems by then. And presto! That was 3/3 and at this point my basals are perfectly set in their 7 time zones, and the only out of range numbers I have are the usual problems with food and bolus! I ordered a bunch of different types of sets that hasn’t come yet, but suddenly each set is lasting until it’s time to change it, so my hands must have learned how to do it. (Hands not as smart as brain here). I even have stopped wasting so much insulin! (Using up in 1.5 months what I’d planned for 3 kind of set me on that path!). So it’s all good!

I was only teasing you Zoe! Poor Amy had to pull out all her hair just trying to get the pump in her hands - she doesn’t have any hair left to pull out!

I know what you mean about the hands - that was a big frustration in the beginning. I messed up alot of sets.

Hip Hip Hurray!

I have hair :stuck_out_tongue: but quite a few probably turned grey. I have a correction to make. My original basal was .750 and today I went down to .700. So tomorrow I’ll call and report the #s and see if we need to go down or set up something. My next appt is on Weds. I am in normal range! I am liking that I am not at 200 and trying to get it to go down or even at 300 and waiting 3 hours later to only be at 298 or something. So far its an interesting experience. When i was on saline I set for it to go in slowly. Now that I am on insulin I am going to change the rate for bolus to go in faster than that. It hurts going in slowly!


you can say that again

CONGRATS… Finally … you got me beat, I am running 1.4 for basal