Too tired

I want to retire to a desert island, far from doctors and hospitals and the pain of it all(when it comes time to go) I am tired, spent another 12 hours in the ER to get up my magnesium(from 0.9 to 2.2) Read my blog, if you want to know why. I am bound for Johns Hopkins, my electrolytes keep tanking and they don’t know why. Well, they do but local docs don’t really “get it” and I need a freakin’ super specialist(nephrologist) because I have got a leak + it very likely is Gittleman’s Syndrome or Bartter’s Syndrome or some such associated crud. The actual kidney works fine, it is not a diabetes thing. It is a potassium/magesium leak. The treatment for that, is to pump one so full of magnesium/potassium and that’s like caffeine, it has you bouncing off walls. I guess, better then dierrea from taking it orally. My FIL passed away last night, my husband is still in California + will be till Sunday(at least) + after that will be flying out to KS for the funeral. I’m not going anywhere, except doctors offices and the stupid ER. I’m starting to get really scared that maybe I’ll die before I get to a specialist + no one is taking this serisouly enough. I had 4 bags of magnesium in the ER tonight(4000 mg) and that will last just a couple of days before its back down to very low again. Back to my pcp tomarrow. Thing is, most people don’t get the chance to have a peaceful passing(at home with the people they love) + its probably not in my future either. I’m scared, tired, and 100% fed up with the inefficincy of it all. Modern medicine is supposed to make you feel better, not worse. I hate the system, I wish there were an alternative.

Heidi-- I’m sorry to hear about these struggles and about your father-in-law. I hope that the funeral and time with family will be a good way to honor him.

Take care of yourself and I hope this problem is taken seriously and a real solution can be found!!!

thank you guys, that helps