Project Meltdown

Couple of things have happened since last time I posted. Went to Hopkins Sat. night, oh joy it took 6 grams of mag. to take it up to 2.6. But the docs were excellent, its just the stupid system. They can only treat you on an emergency patient.

And yesterday. PCP doc calls, mag is 0.9. I feel like absolute crud and despite the fact she’s arranged to have me see a neph. the following morning I know I will not survive. Chest pain, dizzy, weak. Go to ER and my potassium is low too. They work on that for awhile and my blood sugar marches steadily up from 370 to over 600, by which point they decide to admit me. (my tubing is blocked) I feel so bad I don’t really care about my bg. In the morning, my endo comes by and
they give me makeup shots of Humalog and Lantus. None of which does any good, but my mag comes up to 1.5, then run another bag and discharged me tonight.
I did see a neph in the hospital and they are going to try amiloride and another kind of magnesium but I am still not “officially” their patient and they can’t do outpatient mag. And the nurses hate me, since I went on a walk and caused a humongous uproar(they called security AND hubby, who is at the funeral today) Note to self: Never do that again, there were five nurses in my room when I got back.
So I’ll try those drugs, and pray that I make it to Tues. to call my pcp so she can try to finangle another appt. with the nephrologist. I will be in the hospital again, I will be admitted again but I hope I can make it PAST Labor Day(my birthday) and PAST Wed. (last class of the week).

Blood sugars are horrible, ranging from 277, 380-480. That further complicates the electrolyte situation. Just once, I wish I could have a transplant and have normal bgs, it can’t be any worse then whats happening to me.

I’m depressed, I’m tired, and I think I’m going to have a nervous breakdown. Or maybe just let the 600 mg/dl finish me off.

Hey Heidi,

Don’t do that!!! That part about your hubby being at the funeral and the 5 nurses in your room is down right funny!! HA! I think we’ve all done that at one time ( I know I have) If you have to go back into the hospital again just to feel better than like I say so be it!!! You don’t want the transplant, Too much medicen taken too many times a day!! And the scar still got mine and that was 16 years ago! It broke me from ever wearing a 2 piece ever again!!! One pices ugh ok but not a 2 piece in the world would cover that humoungus scar on my tummy!! If you can get the mag up and the bs down maybe you would feel better! When those electrolytes are messed up so are you! Good luck!!!

Whoops sorry Heidi didn’t know about your husbands dad! Really sorry about that one!!!

Heidi, sorry to hear that the on-going struggle continues… is a transplant the only solution to this situation? Do you know if you are resistant to insulin now? Is that the reason for the high blood sugars?