Top 10 List: Sugar Spikers (Non Food Related)

I just posted my top 10 sugar spikes today on my blog Three 2 Treat

Top 10 List: Sugar Spikers (Non Food Related)

Here is our list of things that take our flat lined blood glucose reading and shoot it up into the crazy zone:

  1. The Dawn Phenomenon - That damn hormonal surge!

  2. The Re bounder - The rebound high after an extreme low or rebound from an over night low called the Somogyi effect

  3. Post Exercise Spike - Increased levels post intense exercise.

  4. The High Blood Sugar made Worse by Exercise Spike - Different then the above.

  5. The I’m Stressed Out Post Argument High - Also called the Post Terrible Meeting, Post Anyone who Stresses you out High.

  6. The Dehydrated High - The I haven’t had anything but coffee today spike.

  7. The Site Change Spike - Good before the pump site change terrible after.

  8. The Forgot to Bolus for my Meal High - Opps

    9 The Fasting High - AKA I Forgot to Take my Bedtime Longacting.

    10 The “where the hell did that one come from?” Spike - Which there is know rational explanation at all. AKA the Diabetic Curveball High

    Feel free to add your own.


  1. The “I’ve been on the phone all day with my insurance company” high. Yes, my blood sugars have been pretty bad the past few days. Why, you ask? Because I’ve spent a good deal of my time on the phone with my insurance company trying to clear up some billing issues AND trying to find out if my new pump (which is supposed to arrive on Thursday!!) will be covered. I was over 200 before lunch today and I’m never that high. It was the stress of being put on hold, transferred, following up with the supplier, etc. I am so worried about this darn pump not being covered and having to send it back that it’s wreaking havoc on my BSLs!!