Total daily insulin

I was thinking about total units used in a day.
My insulin has been the same since diagnosis, 33 years. About 45 units a day however since I started my tandem pump it dropped to 38. Which is really weird
. I’m 6’3 and 195 lbs. but I also used the same when I was 160. I exercise daily but nothing too extreme.
I have never considered insulin resistance because it’s always been the same. I was tested for it when I was diagnosed but never since.
So per pound it’s .23 units. Per day. But now it’s 0.19 per pound per day
Is that average or not? I eat moderate carbs. 100 carbs a day give or take. How can a different pump with the same insulin shift so much. Even when I was taking injections I was at about 45 per day.

I’ve been reminded several times that as I get older my doses might drop.

But if you are more effectively using your new pump’s patterns to match your food, it could be just that.

Are the needle/cannula identical between the two pumps or maybe they’re different and the newer one works better for you?

You might also do some “insulin accounting” and check how many units you put into reservoir vs how many units the pump thinks it pumped into you.

My insulin vary by season. I use less during the Winter when I am less active than during the hot Summer months with more physical activity.

I am 5’ 1” and weigh 103. I eat a plant based low fat diet designed to lower insulin resistance. I eat about 275 healthy carbs daily.
I use 19 to 24 total units of insulin daily.
I ride 7 to 10 miles a day on my exercise bike daily. I am 69, and have been a type 1 for 61 yrs. last A1c was 5.2. My insulin resistance level is too low to be measured.

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My insulin use has gone up quite a bit in recent months. I find that Control IQ on my Tandem Pump uses more insulin than my previous settings. But the last couple of months have also been reduced activity and probably more carbs due to coronavirus hibernation. My rates are comparatively low compared to many people so the increase isn’t a big deal. I’ve moved from an average of 18-20 units per day to about 24 units per day.

Is there a specific test they use to measure insulin resistance? Your reply implies to me there is. Insulin resistance has been causing me a lot of trouble but no one has mentioned a specific indicator test.

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When I have my cholesterol numbers broken down for more information, the number for insulin resistance Is always given. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the test and I don’t have that information with me at this house. We are at the beach at the moment.

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Are you using Basal-IQ or Control-IQ? The difference is probably just from the basal cutoffs.

I’m using control iq. And my control is less than usual but I’m tweaking it to get better. Normally I am around 90% in range according to my dex.
Lately I’m in low 80s. I think I’ll get better as I go.
However I find myself making corrections anyway because it is a habit.
On my Minimed pump I would make corrections 8-10 times a day. Either blousing or decreasing my basal for a while. But it’s was a lot of work.
I couldn’t do anything at night.

I got to play “what if” with my Endo about going on control-IQ earlier this year. She was confident that if (and ONLY IF) I let the loop do all the work that my insulin doses would go down.

At same time she knows me and my control-freak personality and she was quite confident that I would never just sit back and let the loop do all the work.

I’m also on DIY Loop, auto-bolus branch, so TDD varies greatly. Here is my Tidepool for Jul 13- Jul 30. Unfortunately, that averages in only a half day’s worth of insulin for today, Jul 30, and there is no way in Tidepool to change the date range (always shows the latest 2 weeks). If I check Apple Health, for date range Jul 23 - Jul 29, it is probably more accurate, 15.771U. Of course, these are averages, some days are 10U, some days are 30U!!


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