Tough Mudder

Getting nervous only 2 weeks left until the Tough Mudder race!! This will be my longest race yet and I'm a little nervous about how well my blood sugar will do throughout the race. Any suggestions on how to maintain good control throughout the race?

I am averse to wading through frozen mud so I have no idea about the specifics of that sort of race. My friend did one that was 12 miles, is that what you're doing? My general plan most of the time is to get insulin "on board" mostly cleared out by race time. This can involve getting up and going a couple of hours before I have to leave but, an early breakfast sometimes brings a DP boost. I seem to get adrenaline before races, like a week before my AM BG in particular/ DP, whatever, will run up more than usual, which is, of course disconcerting as I don't want to be loaded up on insulin but I don't want to run high either!

I'm also not sure how much time to add into a 12, or howevermanymile, run for the climbing, swimming, etc. parts of the challenge. If it's like 15-20 minutes, it might not be a big deal but if it's an hour, it would probably require some extra fuel?

I always bring carbs along for the run but I don't usually have too many of them. I got into my jelly beans a bit at the Chicago Marathon but generally just "eat" the gatorade and that seems to keep my pretty flat? The first few races I did, I'd make extra strong Gatorade, like 45G/ carbs in 8 oz, "for emergencies" but rarely used it. I've tried different strengths and seem to be settled on about 25G/ 8 oz as a decent amount. I don't think that you get quite that much at races, in the little cups, sloshing, etc.

Well Tomorrow is the big race and im feeling pretty good but still scared of the unknown. I decided to run with a small pack with everything I might need along the 12 mile race ( all sealed in an airtight container so it doesn't get wrecked by water and mud ) im going to pack my meter, insulin, and some quick carbs for any lows I might have. keeping my fingers crossed that it all goes well and I have a blast!!!

The situation you’re describing REALLY makes me wish they would come up with an inexpensive Glucose monitor disguised as a watch. I believe they have one already but it’s a little problematic and expensive…

im being asked to enter one of these as a team so im curious as to how you go lugging diabetic supplies amongst mud etc! Where we do it, we are allowed to have spectators on the course, so im trying to con the wife into being part of 'the support crew' run along and take my monitor/lollies with her :)

Have a great race Angel!

Well I finished the race and it was awesome!! Im not going to lie I was very scared about going hypo during the race since that's usually what happens to me. I decided to carry a sports pack around my waist with just some quick acting carbs (fruit snacks lol) figured they would be perfect since they are already sealed up tight and would hold up under mud and water. An hour before the race I had a Cliff builder's bar with 30 carbs and 20 grams of protein which was perfect. I got my numbers up to 180 which I know isn't ideal but for me I always drop low. By about mile number six I needed to stop and have a few things of fruit snacks and at the water stops they also gave out 1/2 of a banana along with the water so that worked out perfect. I also had my husband waiting with my meter but he wasn't able to find me on the course. I was feeling good so I didn't worry too much about it. I finished and my numbers were a little high 225 but for me I can get it to come down pretty fast. Im very insulin sensitive. It was a great experience and I will be doing more races this summer with the Warrior Dash next. Can't wait!!! Eric I know what u mean. That was my biggest concern was not being able to test and just going out there basically blind and just trusting my body. I thought about putting it in a zip lock and an air tight container but thought I didn't want to risk wrecking it. I wish there was a better way to test.

And thanks for all your info Acidrock23!!! you gave me some really good advice :)

You’re very welcome! Thanks for the great report on your race! I’m glad you threw down!

Congratulations. That is absolutely awesome. Now that getting back in shape is a high priority, maybe I'll see you at one of these events someday.. they look great.

You can also buy a cheap meter - at Walgreens or CVS - Sidekick ot True to go - it's $9.99 and it is a small meter that sits atop of a bottle of 10 strips included. The replacement strips are reasonably priced as well. The last time I bought it in a pinch - there was a $9.99 rebate - so it was free. It is cheap enough that if you destroy it - it is replaceable. It's accuracy was great compared to my regular meter, and I use it when marching in parades with my bagpipe band as it is compact, and fits intop my small belt bag. It also had a neoprene sleve which help a small lancing device that came with it.

Hi Angel, Thanks for posting this. I can't tell ou how many times I've not done something like you have becuase I was scared to try it and get Hypo during the thing. So Congrats! and thank you.

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