Keeping things dry in a mud run and other questions

hello, I (foolishly, I think) signed up to do a mud run at the end of august. I have never done one before and that's why I say foolishly-don't know what im getting myself into! it is five kilometres with like 15 or twenty obstacles (mud pit, going under barbed wire, climb over a wall, tires)

of course I am worried about being high from nerves, though that's never happened to me before. im more worried about going low and so I want to carry my meter and stuff with me. in these mud runs, there are apparently mud pits and its really, well, muddy. I love the whole getting dirty and muddy but how will I keep this stuff still working? should I just leave it with my spectator? but then I don't have it. put it in a zip lock bag in some kind of fanny pack/bum bag? that seems like very little protection after looking at finishers covered from head to toe in mud. I would really like to have it with me. and some glucose tabs.

I don't think I will run the race carrying insulin, as I would never shoot up during exercise-correctin a 200 often brings me into the 90s and that's sitting still. I will have my spectator hold onto it and if im high after the race I will correct. also, if im high right after the race, should I wait like an hour and see if it comes down itself or should I just correct immediately?

Funny my husband just completed a Mud Hero course today. I opted out of it, not because of diabetes, it just didn't interest all! :)
We talked about how I would have done it if I had joined my husband. He said no way could I have worn the pump, and risk damaging it. The mud aside, the other people and the type of obstacles would have presented some problems. He finished his course in an hour.
I have no experience so no suggestion about a bolus after.
Have fun!

Sandy Struss , insulin pumper , one of my fav's , has done a Mudder here in BC, Canada and I am sooo sure she would love to mentor/coach on any questions you have ...add her name to the search corner , top right side ...and the rest is up to you ...hoping this link between 2 Mudders will work :)

ooh thank you!! will try to se if I can get in touch with her! I don't want to eat mud flavoured glucose tabs!

thanks! I love getting dirty, so I cant wait!

Sandy sent me a message : ..too happy to help you !!

ive messaged her-thanks for putting us in contact-I need all the help I can get for this mudrun!

5k's are pretty short, you shouldn't even have to test during them. I would give your kit to a spectator at the finish line and test immediately afterwards. Keep a tube of sugar and a few paper towels in a plastic bag tucked into your sports bra, take it if you feel low.

a 5k is pretty short but because ive been low(40) and felt high(nausea) and ive never done an obstacle/mud run before, im AFRAID (I hate the fear factor) to run without the meter. they say it should take an hour with the obstacles. I suspect I will be fine but stupid fear about lows while exercising just kills me.

have you got any mud run advice? in general? this is my first, what have I done??

Well hello there, pancreaswanted! I did the Tough Mudder in June this year, and had the time of my life! Re: questions about what to do with your 'gear'...I had those same questions.

5K isn't that long/far, so it might be a different scenario for you, but here's what I did. Small backpack to schlep my miscellaneous stuff. Could always easily put it on the side during an obstacle challenge, and then come back to get it. Sometimes there are race volunteers who can take it for you.

The mud part is FUN!!!! EVERYTHING gets covered though, so be sure to take a small meter and put in a WATERPROOF ziploc-style thing (not sure what it's called, but in places like Mountain Equipment CO-Op or REI, they've got these plastic cases for people to put their cell phones when they go paddling or whatever). To get the mud/dirt off, I used Wet Wipes, and also had hand sanitizer on me. I would NEVER do something like this without having a meter on hand, as nerves so often get confused with being low.

Much to my surprise, we ALL ran high before the race start, and in some cases, BG's actually kept RISING over time. Every body is different, and with only 5K - I don't think you need to worry about bringing insulin with you, as you can take care of that afterwards. The concern is with the "am I low, or am I just shaking 'cause I'm nervous?" factor.

The backpack is a bit cumbersome, and nobody else will be carrying anything, but as far as I'm concerned - peace of mind is priceless!

Feel free to reach out with any other questions you have. I think you're going to love this kind of racing. Lots of camaraderie, lots of laughter, good times all around! :)

Good luck, have fun, and don't get injured!!!



thanks so much for the response. im still thinking fanny pack/bum bag, as I can hold it over my head for the first obstacle-a pond! I am so excited about the mud part-I was a big tomboy as a kid and could never be dirty enough!

the only thing they could do to improve on the mud run would be to have some dancing in the middle of the race!

thank you for the advice and luck!

A fanny pack would work equally as well. Just make sure that you've got whatever's in it in waterproof baggies.

Love the attitude - and agree about the dancing! A little bit of ABBA would go a long way :)

You'll have a ball. Enjoy!!!


thanks for the connect Sandy ...and I know more too about Tough Muddering :) xxxooo