Toujeo Experience and Tresiba Compare

Originally on 8u Levemir each night and a total of about 8u or less throughout the day of Humalog. My diet is very restrictive so I was looking for a way to bypass the Humalog (which I also use Symlin to combat resistance). New doctor has me using Toujeo (says Tresiba is more for those that use lots of basal and doesn’t want mine to be longer lasting than 24 hours). Currently using 16u to 18u of Toujeo.

Other than morning lows which I’m still working on dietary options to resolve, its been amazing. BGs have not been higher than 100 since I started 1/9 (and yes it was about 5 days to get the actual result), I don’t have to take ANY Humalog throughout the day and only take 3 units at dinner and I can literally watch it work throughout the day as per frequent testing.

Anyone else tried this? I saw some posts from 2015 with both negative and positive results. How about today? And thoughts on Tresiba? Is it something to consider for a very well controlled T1D? I just want to reduce the number of shots (and no, not interested in the pump). If I can go a full 24 hours without having to “shoot up”, it would be a super awesome treat :slight_smile:


That’s amazing.

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I have had good results with tresiba. Not sure what he meant about it being more for people who take a lot? I only take 12u daily… maybe he was referring to its u200 variety which would definitely be more geared toward larger doses… though actually no that doesn’t make sense either because toujeo is actually u300.

I’m very happy with tresiba. I think I meet anyone’s description of a very well controlled type 1. It is a new formula that works really well for me. Toujeo is just u300 insulin glargine-- same exact thing as lantus (and new generic basaglar) more concentrated and the formula has been around about 25 years. That’s awesome how well it’s working for you though

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Ya I think so too :smile:

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Doctor at first was reluctant to have me try with the exact words “if it aint broke why fix it” however, I persisted and he went with Toujeo. I will ask for better clarification at my next appointment. I do see lots of positive posts regarding Tresiba so maybe I can get to 24 hours with it. Thanks for the response!

I started this week on Tresiba, switched from Lantus. So far so good although I am still getting slowly dialed in on basal dosage. I like the fact that it’s labelled at 56 +/- days after leaving the fridge. Makes it much more convenient to take a spare with me when travelling.

Hmmm good information…doesn’t it take sometime to fully realize the results? I saw immediate results although it wasn’t fully realized for about 5 days with Toujeo.

Toujeo does seem to work almost too well in the evenings and early mornings…

Still trying to find the “happy balance” using Humalog at dinner. Last night I took 3 units and wound up with a BG of 44. Some struggle bringing it up and ingested 3 honey sticks and 3 pieces of “normal” candy. Not the best choices although was what I chose based on immediate availability. I did not take any additional Humalog and when I woke up this morning, my BG was 100 so…some adjustment is needed.

With my diet as restrictive as it is, I assume this is going to take a bit to find the proverbial sweet spot. Darn that cauliflower! haha

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I was constantly fiddling with Lantus basal and had mixed results. I’m giving Tresiba about 4-5 days between dose adjustments. I am not an authority on Tresiba, or on basal doses for that matter. My activity level has huge swings from day to day which seems to disrupt my tweaking. Hoping Tresiba is a little more steady for me.

Almost everyone I’ve seen that has tried Tresiba has nothing but positive responses. I also saw some folks suggest 7 days when changing dose although others have reported 5+. I’m really happy with the Toujeo and will talk it over with my doctor regarding Tresiba. Hope it works for you!

alos Six month user of toujeo. i have notice much better control with toujeo compared ot lantice. i was on more lantice then on toujeo now on 50 units of toujeo compared to 80 units of lantice. with this toujeo injection, my a1c is now in the 7-7.5 range. i am hoping with more use to get it below that.

maybe all tehse new insulin treatments work differently with different people. i hav had great results with toujeo and it does not ssting as much compared ot lantice. also i do like the results that i have gotten with toujeo. i have not tried tresibia since Toujeo has been working for me.