Toujeo instead of Tresiba for more variable basal needs

My basal needs have been fluctuating somewhat over the last few weeks for multiple reasons. As a result, I kept having problems with Tresiba, because dosage changes with it take a long time to fully take effect.

I was now told that perhaps a switch to Toujeo would help. It lasts >= 24 hours, but not as long as Tresiba, so dosage adjustments should happen faster. However, Toujeo is essentially just a more concentrated insulin glargine, and I have read mixed reports about it.

My other option is a pump, which I currently favor. But aside from that, I want to know about Toujeo as an option.

So, what do you guys think? Would you recommend Toujeo over Tresiba to people who irregularly work out, have varying levels of stress etc. and varying basal needs as a result?

I think a pump is a better option. Most people on tresiba are usually on it because they have an unaffordable deductible insurance policy. Toujeo is simply Canadian or UK lantus (3 times the strength) so you use less, ideal for type 2 diabetics with a lot of insulin resistance and type 2 patients that don’t like metformin side effects etc. Levemir might be a decent fit, as it usually lasts a little more than 12 hours…most people take it 2 times per day. With levemir, you can take more or less depending on your plans in the next 12 hours, with the pump you can do the same, but predict now, or the next hour, so you have a lit more control. For me, having a pump and a cgm was too much, but many people disagree.

I was using Tresiba, and I recently switched back to 2x/day Lantus for a few reasons. One of those reasons was the lack of flexibility.

I’m getting much better control on Lantus than I was on Tresiba.

I have a very good insurance plan, but I don’t use a pump because I hated the tubing and I had lots of problems with absorption inconsistency at the sites. My control got better after switching off the pump to Lantus. After that I switched to Tresiba because only 1 shot/day seemed like a better option. I started using Afrezza, and that REALLY improved my numbers.

Lantus and Afrezza is a better combination for me than any other option. My control is the best it’s ever been, and I’m comparatively doing very little work to get those results.

I tried to load a photo of my clarity report, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe because I’m on my phone? I’ll try later. My 2-week average is 105 with 88% of my time in range (65-150). 4% below 65. 0.8% below 55. 7% above 150. No time above 250.

A couple years ago I was averaging around 130 with Lantus and Humalog though, so Afrezza is the bigger factor.


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Yes, this is the best way I have found to come close as possible to a pump on MDI.

Levemir can be split to bed time and when you wake up with your breakfast bolus. It doesn’t need to be 12 hours. It may handle DP better A miss a meal basal test, will give the dose split