ADA Tour de Cure 2011

Hey everyone,

If you are planning on riding a Tour de Cure this year, post up here so we can all know who’s riding where, and how far! Might give us a chance to do some meet-n-greets in real life, not just here in cyberspace.

I’ll be riding the TDC in Fargo, ND – June 18th – 75-mi edition.

Cheers all,


I am riding the TDC in Yonteville/Napa Valley on May 1st. I am planning to do the 50 mile ride if someone twists my arm hard enough I may do the 80 mile ride.

I’m riding Newark, DE, it’s their first year, and then I’ll probably ride Jersey Shore too, since I already did my fund-raising for it before I saw the Newark ride.

I am riding the TDC event in Indianapolis (100 miles around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway). I have a team Indiana Farm Bureau/Don Walker Cycles. last year I rode 75 km.

I’ve considered doing the one by Keuka Lake in central NY. The last time I rode in that area was my longest ride ever at 147 miles, mostly because I have yet to drive to a bike event and was hoping to continue that goal. What stopped me last year was that they start at early in the morning, and it takes 3 hours to ride there.

This year I am planning on two TDC centuries, in Washington and Oregon.

The Redmond, WA TDC is on May 21. The Hillsboro, OR TDC is July 31. This is the first time I have done Oregon, and my plan is to take my bike on Amtrak from Seattle to Portland, then take light rail out to Hillsboro. I’ll be the guy wearing the Red Rider jersey with “Seattle” on the side panels. Hope to meet some others out there!

I’m doing the Century rides at Colorado, Southern Colorado, and San Diego this year. Goin’ for a Hat Trick! Love to meet up with someone from TuD!

Hi everyone, I’ll be riding in the Rochester, MN TDC on May 21st, and the Minneapolis, MN TDC on June 4th. I did the Minneapolis ride last year, and it was a blast. Hoping we can add even more riders this year, and hoping to draw as many folks as possible to the ride in Rochester. We’ll be pulling the longest distances in both rides. Anyone in this area should really consider joining us. We’ll have a ball! Would love to ride in North Dakota sometime. Roll on everyone!

I’ll be riding the century on June 4th in St. Louis (well, technically in Grafton, Il). I’m captain of Team Red St. Louis, if anyone wants to join me. We also have a Facebook page, FTR.

I am riding in the Raleigh, NC area tour in June. I am planning on the 50 mile ride but may do 75 miles if my training is going well. I haven’t joined a team yet and was hoping that my local Gold’s gym may start one but I haven’t gotten the staff to help me rally people yet. I’ll keep trying!

TDC 100K In Tucson, az 3/6/2011

I’m riding in the Buffalo/Niagara TDC this June (30 miles). I signed up for it the day I got home from the hospital after my diagnosis.

Doing 3 so far this year…

Team Red - Lake Nona, FL - 6 Mar 2011

Team Red - Lakewood Ranch, FL - 13 Mar 2011

Team Red - Buffalo, NY - 6 Jun 2011

Still thinking about doing the Indy Ride the following weekend on 11 June as well


I am a Red Rider in San Diego, CA and will be riding the May7th 104 mile ride.
I will also be leaving, Mike, from Fargo, ND on July 6th on my cross country ride
to Bar Harbor, Maine. Two years ago, I did San Diego to St. Augustine, so now I am venturing into the northern area.

Way to go Robie!!! I am working with the Team Red Captain Mike to build the team. Are you on a team??? If not, please let me know and we’ll get you on Team Red!!

Founder of the Red Rider Program

Joe, you rock!!

Hi Everyone!
I will be speaking a few Tour VIP dinners and then riding at the Minnesota Twin Cities Tour and at the Tour de Cure Colorado. The Cycling Team of Team WILD: Women Inspiring Life with Diabetes is going to all ride the Tour in Colorado! We have room on the team still! Come to an info session this month to learn more.
See you on the road!
Founder of the Red Rider Program
Founder of Team WILD

Have you registered as a member of Team Red? See you there!


Go Red Rider!!!

Yes, I have, and I have raised $2700 for our team this year. I will be unable to come to tomorrow’s training ride as I have the crud going around, but see you there on another time. Connie