Tracy Morgan T2 mention in Rolling Stone magazine's March 6th Issue

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In Rolling Stone’s March 6th issue, Tracy Morgan talks about being a T2
diabetic. On page 45 they state, "During the 2007 season of 30 Rock, Morgan would film his scenes
during the day and spend nights at the hospital hooked up to an IV that
managed his blood sugar."

I am a T2 just taking metformin. I confess…I am ignorant about what this treatment could be.

Can anyone enlighten me about this kind of treatment?

No Idea. Interesting.

He might be on dialysis and doesn’t want to formally say it…just a guess…Let me do some inquiries. Being in the hollyweird it is always what is not written that is the real story… Wow I never knew he was type 2…

Also could have had a severe case of stomach flu or diarrhea and was extremely dehydrated and he had to have an IV to keep hydrated.

Can’t imagine what that could be unless he took such bad care of himself eating everything that being on IV was the only way to deal with it. Sounds very strange & quite overly dramatic. If his BG was that out of control to require nightly hospitalization, he should have been on insulin. What doctor would allow someone to be on nightly IVs? He couldn’t have been that high & even managed to work the next day. Maybe it really only happened once or twice.

Ive never heard of that kind of treatment before…not unless he is being treated for something else other than diabetes. Or maybe some complications? But if it is…I couldnt understand why nightly…

WOA… sounds pretty unconventional…

Do you think it was an insulin drip?

That is intersting because I saw the interview with Larry King live. I saw him and Grizzwald Chapman talking about Grizzwald being in dialysis and needing a kidney.

There could be an issue when metformin possibly causes lactic acidosis which I believe requires and IV drip. One time I was taking 2000 mg of metformin and I wound up getting food poisoning. I still took my metformin even though i was sick and I believe I became dehydrated. I had the symptoms of lactic acidosis. The hospital plug me up to IV as a precaution to make sure that lactic acidosis had not occured while they were doing test because of the combination of dehydration and metformin.

There was an episode of 30 Rock where Tracy refuses to eat vegetables or something, and someone tells him he’s going to get diabetes. I didn’t realize he really is diabetic.

That is very interesting.

In Rolling Stone’s March 6th issue, Tracy Morgan talks about being a T2 diabetic. -
that is very good