Translation into Italian, Spanish and Japanese for the airport

Is there anyone here that can please help me translate the below into Italian, Spanish or Japanese. I would usually use google translate but I’m not sure whether it will translate words like “pat down” and “ full body scanners “ properly. lol

I’m a type one diabetic and have medical equipment with me. Could i please request for a pat down as they cannot go through X-rays and full body scanners. I have a doctor’s medical certificate if needed.


In US, there is a TSA organization that can be contacted for help with this type of question. Do you know if your local airport could give you advice?

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There are several free foreign language sites. You type in the English phrase and select from the list of languages. I would do that, print out (especially for the Japanese with the characters) and then go to a place like Office Depot to have them laminated as cards.

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No matter where you go in the world airport security all understands English enough to make yourself understood. Wife and I use to live in Italy, traveled back and forth me with insulin pump and cgm no problems. Enjoy your trip and don’t let this put a black cloud on your traveling. Happy travels Al

I have found Google Translate sufficient for Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, Polish and German: “Medical Equipment, no X-Ray, No RF (full body scans)”. I label the bag with my CGMs and loaner pump with this and have one for me. So far, no problems traveling (other than the delay in getting thru security).
If only the agents would give a massage while patting me down, traveling would be heavenly. :smile: