Traveling overseas with pump

I'm on a paradigm 522, and will be traveling overseas in April. I'm wondering if I should try to get a loaner, just in case? Have any of you done that through Medtronics, and if so, how much did they charge you for the loaner?


I have done it and I would recommend it. I went to Kenya last summer for a month and found out about the loaner program. Make sure that you send in your request 6 weeks in advance. I have the paradigm 715 and Minimed charged $50 I believe for the loaner pump. The only downside is that if you lose it you have to refund Minimed the price of a whole new pump. But it really did bring ease of mind to me when I was traveling since I would not want to be stuck in Africa and have something go wrong. Hope this info helps. Have a wonderful trip!

I think it would be wise to get a loaner if going to Kenya. How about England? I’m going there in May. There is a Medtronics phone number in the UK. I wonder if they would take care of me on chance of pump trouble?

Hi Ruth! Definitely get a loaner pump - you don’t want to be stranded in another country without your pump company being able to get a speedy replacement to you should you need it! I’m guessing that Medtronics won’t charge you for the loaner pump as long as you return it once you’re back home. I have an Animas pump and always get a loaner when traveling out of the country (which I do as much as I can as time and money allow) and I have never been charged.

Animas sends it out to me just a few days before my departure. I am expected to return it to them within 2 weeks of my return. If you DON’T return it to them in the condition you received it you are responsible for the cost of the loaner pump. That is of course assuming you haven’t had to use it. If your pump (if under warranty) goes haywire and you have to use the loaner then you should not be charged for using it.

My problem (maybe this is only with Animas loaner pump?) is that I’m not supposed to let the loaner pump be x-rayed or removed from its plastic packaging in any way and they wrap it in a metallic tape that sets off anything. If you remove the tape you pay for the pump! Airport security gets very uncomfortable when they have a clear little package sealed with metal tape that contains something electronic and you tell them they can’t open it or x-ray it or run it through a metal detector (and I don’t blame them). However, I can walk right on through the metal detectors wearing my own pump (mind you it’s the same pump) without much problem.

So be sure you have permission to let your loaner be tested/searched/scanned or you may have an unpleasant experience trying to get through airport security. I’ve had no problems in some airports, while others have been rough and gruff. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s national or international travel. The more of us wearing pumps means airport personnel will be more informed.

Your pump company is at your service and wants users to be able to live a full and happy life full of experiences you wish to partake in - travel being one of them. Please be sure you do get a loaner. (I just read another post and I’m surprised that Minimed charges for this!)

Also, I recommend joining Manny’s group "Traveling with Diabetes."
I hope you have a great trip! (Sorry this is so long!)

Julie Ann

Well I would give Minimed a call and ask them that question if they would help while in England. It also depends on how long you are going to be in the country. I was in Kenya for a month so I would think the longer you are gone, the more ease of mind you would get from having a loner pump. Plus if you have access to a safe or something secure to put the loner pump in while traveling then you should just get the loner and tuck it safely away. If you think that your belongings will not be secure then I may not get the loner since if you lose it or it gets stolen you are out a lot of $. But me personally I don’t think I will ever travel out of country again for an extended period of time without a loner.


Here is the link for the Minimed travel loaner pump:

And I doubled checked and yeah they charge $50 for shipping and handling and the packaging for returning the pump back to Minimed. When traveling with the Minimed loaner pump I had no airport security problems since the loaner pump is packaged in a small box surrounded by foam. Hope this helps. Have a wonderful trip!

I am presently travelling with a loaner MM 522 as I always do when outside of Canada …as you put it " just in case " …it has served me well : NEVER had to use the loaner …never had the headache how much to deliver insulin by needle …yet I am prepared for that as well . The cost : look at it as " travel insurance " .Contact MM for advise on cost …
As a visitor to the US, I would require a prescription for a pump …on the other hand I maybe able to call MM , while away from my country and arrange for a replacement /loaner .

I always carry Lantus and needles for backup, and I definitely recommend doing that. I was just in the Bahamas, one of the remote Out Islands, and the battery in my pump discharged its acid and destroyed the pump. I just used the Lantus for basal and Novolog for bolus. But glad Animas had a new pump waiting for me when I got home.

Wow, Cozmo sent me the loaner pump for free!

You may want to check if there is a Minimed office in the country where you go. I have heard of them remaining replacement pumps even abroad…

I am going on a Mediterranean cruise in July. I switched my pump from Minimed to the Omnipod so I have the Minimed as a back up. I kept a few supplies for that reason…

Thanks everyone…good advice. Special thanks to Kerstyann for listing the link to the Medtronic loaner program. I think that’s probably what I’ll do…and I’ll check with them about coverage if, for some reason, airport security insists on opening the package.


I went to Spain for a week last year and brought lantus with me. I figured that Spain would actually be a pretty easy place to get a replacement if I needed it or survive a week back on MDI. On the other hand, I might be going to Nepal next year and am planning on getting a loaner for that trip.