I am flying for the first time during the end of the month for a choir trip to New York! I am so excited! I was wondering if the security is very "particular" with my pump in my pocket? My teacher doesn't want any delays for getting on the plane, and I don't want that to happen to me because of my the extra stuff I have to carry along with me for this trip. My doctor mentioned something about a sheet that approves that I need this with my on the ride, I forgot what she all said. But, if you have flown before I would like to know if the pump/diabetes supplies, etc was a problem or not. Thanks much!


I bring ALL of my supplies in my carry on, plus backups in my suitcase. No one ever bothers me about lancets and meters and stuff. (No one bothers me for my epi-pens, either, though.)

Though technically it's allowed for medical reasons, unless you MUST, don't bring juice boxes on the plane.

Bring a note signed by your doctor with a list of stuff you must bring, as well as a note saying your pump can't go through the scanners.

Your teacher should be told in advance that there might very well be delays, and that you'll do your best to avoid them but she should let you go through first and expect delays.

Enjoy the trip and congratulations! Have fun in NY!

Sounds like an awesome trip! Yes, chances are there will be a delay. You should probably be the first of the group to go through security. Tell them that you have an insulin pump, and won't go through the scanners unless they have a plain X-ray. Don't let them convince you that you can! They'll probably do a patdown (usually not a biggie), have you touch your pump then swab your hands for 'bomb stuff', and you'll be good to go :)

I agree wtih guitarnut, take ALL your supplies in your carry on. If there's no room, you ARE allowed to take an extra bag for med supplies, just let them know ahead of time.

Have fun!

I travel constantly and they'll probably stop you and just do a quick swab of your infusion set/pod with a cloth that detects explosives. Takes less than 2 minutes. Don't make a fuss about your supplies. The only time I ever ran into trouble was when I alerted them that I had about 100 syringes with me. The 200 times I've flown since then, they don't even ask when they see them in the x-ray.

Your teacher may just have to wait a couple of extra minutes while you get screened. She'll live :)

My most recent experience was no real problem. I did disconnect from my pump and asked the TSA agent not to xray or scan it ( it actually has a symbol on the back of what to avoid). They were very accomodating and did swab my hands and pump on the other side of the scanner. I went through, my pump went around. I printed all TSA materials about diabetes in case I needed it, but no problems. I took all primary supplies in carry on and left back-ups in luggage.