Treating hypo

INDIVIDUALLY packed glucose tabs by b-d have been discontinued.why?dex-4 are HORRIBLE ...I ALMOST CHOKED ON IT...:(...CANDIES HAVE CORN SYRUP...ANYTHING OUT THERE THAT IS NATURAL/ORGANIC?

If they have CVS pharmacies where you are, I found that their raspberry flavored glucose tabs were pretty good. I always got the ones in the bottle so I could buy more. I liked the flavor of the BD but the amount of garbage kept me away from them.

These days I generally use Starburst jelly beans as I don't worry about the high fructose corn syrup for those situations.

I've been using sweetarts lately. Each one is 2 g carb and they work quickly for me. I just looked at the indgredients and didn't see corn syrup (unless I missed something).

How about GlucoLift? The creator is T1D and a member here too. Not to mention a nice guy! :)


Lorraine's link takes you to Amazon, that sells Glucolift. I use mini York patties in the winter; come summer I need something that doesn't melt, like Glucolift.

I always hated the orange-flavored BD individually packaged glucose tablets. Not that I want the hypo remedy to be too yummy, but gah, I swear I almost gagged on those.

The DEX4 ones, I actually prefer them. Again, not really yummy tasting but at least I don't feel like I'm going to gag.

Hi Shoshana, I make GlucoLift, send me a message and I'll get some to you. We don't have individual packs yet (working on something for that) but we do have nice, reusable travel tubes with hinged lids and a built-in desiccant. And we are all-natural and Non-GMO certified :)


Dex4 has one called Naturals, that contains no dyes, no gluten, and natural flavours.

I prefer the Dex4 over other brands too.

LifeSavers will also work and are individually packed.

I've never seen GlucoLift here. What's it like?

I've read that you can use that cakes icing that's sold in the tubes. Might be worth a try.

I use skittles, jelly beans and the grape or tropical fruit flavored CVS or Walgreens glocose tabs in order to treat lows. As for the use of the aforementioned candy, I am glad to have high fructose corn syrup in my treatment plan when I have a blood sugar of 43.(That's just a random low number I picked)

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