Treating Hypos

Where do you keep the treats you use when you have hypoglycemia? I have read so many times that T1 people have to get out of bed and go to the kitchen when they have hypos at night. In certain cases they have to go downstairs to to reach the kitchen. That would be dangerous for me since I frequently experience dizziness with hypos. I have also read that some T1's have hypos when away from home, and they have to stop at a store and buy something, maybe waiting in line to pay, or eating before paying. Why do any T1's not have something handy. at all times??

I do NOT understand this!! I have a bottle of glucose tablets by my bedside, and another on a table by my laptop. When I eave the house, I have a small ziplock bag of jellybeans in my pocket at all times. My wife has some glucose tabs in her purse. I NEVER have to wander through my house or buy something at a store to have something to treat my hypos. I have ready access to something 24/7.

Why do any T1's take such chances?

I have snacks by my bed, in my car, in my pockets, etc, etc.

I think the biggest problem I have is thinking "I can tell and catch it." I think it's an attempt at independence. But at 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, the probability is not in our favor.

I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I use Gummies and keep them with my meter (on or next to me 24x7), in the car, at my desk, in my man-purse, etc. Glucagon in there too.

I strictly only use glucose tablets for hypo treatment (unless I have a severe low). I keep some on my dresser next to the bed, some at my desk in my office, and some in my purse.

I'm like Tamra, I only use glucose tabs for the most part. I keep some with my meter, by my bed, in my car, etc. I don't use jelly beans or other sweet treats, since I'd likely just pop them because I like the taste! I haven't met anyone yet that pops a glucose tab just because they taste good....

On my nightstand, in my purses, in the glove compartment of my car...

I have glucose tablets beside my bed, in my purse, in my desk at work, and always have some in my pocket. If I'm going into a meeting or teaching where my purse isn't readily accessible, I always put some in my pocket. I even keep some in the bathroom (I've been locked inside bathrooms twice because the locks randomly broke when I went to open the door...).

I'm not unprepared for dealing with rational lows, but I am regularly unprepared for dealing with my ever-changing tastes when low and thus have had to stand in line to buy food while low, or eat it before purchasing, or wander around in a daze until I see something tasty.

I keep snacks, jellybeans, glucose tabs all over- by the bed, in the car, at my desk, in my purse, there's something in a pocket of every jacket... but one of my first low symptoms is extreme stubbornness regarding what I will and will not eat. Sometimes glucose tabs work fine, sometimes I decide only marshmallows will do, sometimes its chocolate milk, starbursts, peanutbutter-cheese crackers, the list goes on but frequently changes!

Occasionally I can remember to reason with myself, and sometimes I can manage to get a few of whatever the "wrong" snacks are in my mouth before my low-self notices its been tricked, but I have on more than one occasion been stuck at Home Depot refusing to eat my bag of snacks because suddenly I don't like Jelly beans and that granola bar looks stale. I once read a parent's account of treating a low in their D-kid (parent explaining, cajoling, pleading with 4yr old who is more or less having a tantrum and crying and refusing to eat), and what I saw pretty clearly was that I now play both roles at the same time, so finding a way to enable my smart-self to keep a leg up on my low-self is key, but low-self is pretty wiley and hard to manage sometimes!

I'm usually prepared for a low...unless I'm not. I'm really picky about the flavor of my glucose tabs so I buy them in bulk online. This means that for a while I have a few bottles by my bed, a bottle in my purse, a bottle at work, a bottle in my gym bag, and a bottle in my car. Until I don't. Things get rearranged, I have a bad day at the gym, run out of the stuff by my bed, really don't want to eat my glucose tabs because "they hurt my teeth" (which is something I've only complained about when tired and low...every other time I feel just fine chomping on them) sometimes I have to buy candy. :P

I keep them everywhere. Next to the bed I have apple juices, carry glucose in my shoulder bag, next to my chair, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, on the patio, Probalby inside the furniture (I drop things easily) and probably other places I forgot. I go by the basic philosophy "whenever you need them. They are there." (Or my wife beats me up)

I keep glucose tabs on my nightstand, my car glove compartment, my desk at work, and some in a coworkers desk on the other side of our building. Just in case! Also, I sometimes keep a juice box in my room for a middle of the night kick start.

I like living on the edge!