Hypoglycemia: how do you control your inner TyrannoHypoglycemia OverCorrectus Rex?

Hypoglycemia: what a ride! I’d be staggered if there was a single insulin user with more than 5yrs experience in the game that has not had that encounter with their inner monster, TyrannoHypoglycemia OverCorrectus Rex, who wells up inside, and drive you to ravenously eat the entire bread box contents, ( including the box ), and 3 quarts of chocolate milk, the raging hunger is so intense! Bread crumbs and white sugar flying everywhere…!! :rofl:
I am moderately experienced in the battle, with well over 250,000hrs of game time on insulin.
I am aware of the inner Budha calm discipline of: 15gm + 15mins + retest BG, 15gm. ( engage lotus position and calmly humming…hhhmmmmmmmmm :relaxed:.( right!! :roll_eyes:));
However, sometimes, the Tyrannohypoglycemia OverCorrectus Rex awakens! ((…hide the bagels and chocolate chip cookie dough boys… he’s loose in the kitchen!! )). And now you’ve consumed 15gm + 135gm + 15mins + retest + regret = Hyperglycemia…; and the roller coaster ride begins.
My new found t:slim and G6 CGM are great tools in helping keep the beast at bay.
I am aware of the perils of hypoglycemia unawareness; another fun ride!
How do you mentally and physically manage that inner monster, and avoid the subsequent over correction high roller coaster?
Always open to learn a new technique or tool in the battle. -Peace!


I’ve done that many times.
The only way to prevent it for me is having my low stash ready.
It rarely happens now that I have a cgm. But when it does I eat 2 carb gells like GU or Cliff
Then I wash it down with a small shot of OJ or apple juice.
Then I make myself stop.
Now sometimes when your not thinking grow low sugars, no planning will help.
Back in the day I would eat half my kitchen then realize and have to bolus in the middle.

But I hate to bolus when I’m low even if it’s coming up.

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If I’m home, I’ll go for a big tablespoon of peanut butter with a dollop of honey on top. The PB doesn’t have much carb to it, and the viscosity of the whole mess gives you the sensation of chomping away at a big wad of something while slowing you down enormously, giving the honey time to work. Kinda like your OverCorrectus Rex runs into a deep bog full of quicksand before it can get to you.


Haha… I’m so familiar with this. It brings to mind a time a few years ago when my husband came down to the kitchen in the middle of the night to find me sitting on the floor with the refrigerator door open, drinking chocolate syrup from the bottle. (I would be too embarrassed to admit that to most people, but if anyone would understand, it would be this group!) (Also, we don’t normally even have chocolate syrup. We had it because we had had young nieces and nephews over a few days prior.)

Now I try to restrict myself to glucose tablets. This has effectively restrained my OverCorrectus Rex because 1) they taste like chalk and 2) I only eat them when my blood sugar is low, so it’s easier to remind myself of the protocol.


I try to do same, either glucose tablets or jelly beans are always nearby. I keep them in old RX bottles scattered around my house and car.

But still times I overdo it when they don’t work fast enough, especially if insulin still active.


That’s smart!

I use after dinner mints, but keep them in baggies which don’t look so good after awhile. I think I’ll switch over to old RX bottles too :slight_smile:

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i got rid of cornflakes and peanut butter at our house.

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I’ve over-reacted to this beast many more times than I care to admit! I now limit my low treatments to glucose tabs only and I’ll add a chaser of water to speed up the glucose tab action. I don’t, however, follow the 15/15 rule any longer. Since I eat a carb-limited diet, I rarely have much insulin on board and can often quell a hypo with one or two tabs, but sometimes even 1/2 a tab.

I’ve used @DrBB’s suggestion for peanut butter and I’ve even added glucose tabs to the PB. It tastes better than you might expect!

I don’t, in general, like using food to correct since we often choose foods we wouldn’t normally eat and that erodes our good diabetes management mindset. Correcting with forbidden treats tempts me to “make exceptions” with that food when I’m not low. As a person who lives alone, I try not to keep any forbidden treats in the house. I think people who live with others face more temptations this way.


I thought I did this yesterday when I drank 2 cans of sugar soda (and part of a can of diet on accident. When I realized it was diet, I simply threw it on the floor). Somehow, I still ended up at 40. Can you imagine what I did to this place? I tore it up pretty good.


Some people will take issue with the idea of “forbidden treats” but I hear ya. My practice for a long long time was that it’s much easier for me to have an absolute ban on the things that are going to cause me trouble than to try to manage moderation. I learned this about myself when I quit smoking a million years ago. Had to be absolute cold turkey or it wasn’t gonna happen, so that’s what I did. Never had even a puff since the day I quit, back in the 80s. Which was when I was in my mid-20s, only a couple of years before I got T1, and it was kind of useful as I basically applied the same rule to The List of Stuff You Can’t Eat (which was what it was like back then). It’s easier (for me anyway) to enforce a blanket NO than to sometimes say yes and then have to deal with the craving for whatever it is. Though I admit I’ve softened that line considerably in recent years when it comes to carbs.

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This is why I have no problem taking insulin while still low if I know I’ve overcorrected. Sometimes I try to prevent the overcorrection, and sometimes that’s too hard, so I inject for however much extra I’m having. If you wait until you’re already back to in range and rising fast, you’ll end up high though. The strategy only works in my experience if you take the insulin while still low, so I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have a fairly good sense of how bad the low was likely to be. Honestly, if weight management weren’t a consideration for me, I’d probably overtreat and correct all the time, ha. It’s just an easy way to gain so nope.

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Yeah, I do that too sometimes.

Yeah, that taking insulin while trying to correct a low is a huge problem for my family. But it is really walking that fine knowing what I am going to eat is way more than I need, so insulin is necessary to stop the roller coaster.
That being said, I do use glucose tablets for lows most every time. It’s not something I am going to overdo & they are easy & can be stored everywhere.

I very rarely react to lows with extreme hunger which I think is odd.

Marilyn6 …you are most blessed to be able to avoid the ravenous TyrrannoHypoglycemia OverCorrectus Rex, and keep that beast at bay.
No holding your head in a lack of control anguish at that half tub of Ben & Jerry’s consumed, KNOWING that you ate your 15gms recovery treatment about 145gms ago and it is going to be a serious rebound a comin’…!
Well done! I commend thee!

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hhehehehe… that is toooo awesome! I tried that today after cutting wood, and the BG nosedive was in full throttle descent, and the beast was awakening…!! Worked very well! Thank-you!


In my experience a low brought on by exercise will make me ravenous but a low brought on by either incorrect carb counting or too high basal usually won’t. My tactic for THOCR is get the amount of food or low treatment that I think will fix the low and LEAVE the kitchen to eat it. If I have to go back to the kitchen to get more food I’m less likely to do so because I can resist if I’m out of sight of temptation.

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I’m pretty good about only consuming what I think I need. At night I’d rather go back to sleep and I have some exact 2, 4 or 6 carbs next to the bed if needed. Exercise lows are just an irritation that I have to eat to exercise. So I’ve not run into the ravenous feeling from it. More just irritation.

But sometimes with a low I just decide screw it and eat a whole vegan candy bar. I think it’s usually happened after a stubborn low and I already drank OJ and it wasn’t enough? And then it’s like fine, I’m going to eat a whole bar (or whatever ). But then I dose for it. I remember Dave used to say and it seems to be close, dose for half of what you think you ate extra to try to stop the roller coaster you can start.

Surprised not to see anyone mention Skittles, so I guess I will. Not my go-to, but a lot of people use them because they’re 1 gram each, which makes it easy to track how many carbs you’re having even when your brain is struggling to make sense.


hehehe: EXCELLENT technique: hunt, acquire, leave the hunting grounds, consume, avoid temptation if you have to return. Far better than sitting on the floor in front of the open fridge door, with that 1/2 tube of yummy Pilsbury raw Choc. chip cookie dough firmly gripped in your super-short T. OverCorrectus Rex claws! Very wise!