Treating LoW's

When I started out on my Journey w/ diabetes I was told to use anything to make my BG’s rise, ie OJ, POP, Peppermint’s. I tried Pop once but it didn’t seem to work for me. I realized POP raises the BG’s at a fast rate but it doesn’t stay steady. I am an advid user of Glucose Tablets; I love them. They kind of resemble…ummm fruit punch, apple or grape candy; yummy for my tummy.
I talked to a diabetes educator and she recommended using the glucose gel; yuck! I had to use it once and I think it made me sick. She also recommended using a small tube of the stuff you decorate cake with…how cool is that??? I will not be trying it because I do not like cake icing that much. What are treatments do you use to treat your low’s???

I eat 1/2 or a whole orange, depending on how low I am. I realized yesterday, when I over treated a low and had a rebound high, that chewing sugarless gum after I have eaten takes away that panicky feeling that makes me want to eat too much. The sweet taste of the gum and the motion of chewing really calms me down as I wait to re-test.